Avocado Japanese Pop Culture Thread

Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (January 30th, 2019)

Hey folks! Welcome to the final Japanese pop culture thread for the month of January. I apologize for the delay in getting it up.

Today, I’m spotlighting Kingdom Hearts III, the long-awaited conclusion (?) to the Kingdom Hearts trilogy (?), which was finally released this week. Though a 4-way mashup between Disney, Final Fantasy, Pixar, and The World Ends With You might seem too bizarre to work on paper, the series has amassed legions of dedicated fans, and KH3 was one of 2019’s most anticipated games. Here’s hoping that Sora, Goofy, and Donald can defeat the Heartless (?) and restore balance to the Disney-Verse. (Okay I really don’t know what the plot of these games is.)

What have you been playing/reading/eating/watching/listening to lately?