The Night Thread Rocks a Rhyme (1/26)

It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme,
To rock a rhyme
That’s right on time
It’s Tricky!




Released in 2001, SSX Tricky featured the voices of Lucy Liu, Bif Naked, Oliver Platt, Jim Rose, David Arquette, Macy Gray, and Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude.

Your goal in this game: to go down some unlikely snowboarding tracks and gain as many points as possible by doing a flying squirrel, indy, melon, mute, nosegrab, boardslide, stiffy, tail grab, switch stalefish, uber rocket, switch uber seatbelt, Plantar Faciitis, westcoat crow boardslide, sledgehammer, switch sidewinder, checkin’ the nose, indy nosebone, 360 shove-it to Boneless, Cradle May Fall, switch submersible, Royal Flush, Stay Frosty, Skeleton boardslide, and the dreaded Russian Dreidle.  OK, I made some of those up… but not as many as you think.

There’s also Uber Tricks, like where for some reason Brodi can become incorporeal and slip his entire body through his snowboard. Come on, EA Sports!  I expect more realism from your game where the boots are apparently never locked into the boards, or where one of the courses is set in freaking Hawaii.  The series may have set unrealistic expectations, though it is my firm belief that its popularity opened the doors for boardercross becoming an Olympic sport.

The SSX series would be followed by several sequels, all of which had some great soundtracks. I actually had a CD containing the SSX 3 soundtrack, which included Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, k-os, Royksopp, and Basement Jaxx. Would I play this on my iPod while I was cycling or skiing? You betcha.

However, no song topped the most iconic one used for SSX: “Tricky” by Run DMC. A song so iconic the sequel was named after it. They even brought it back in future games for when you get your meter powered up enough to pull off the Uber Trick.


And, because I love you, here’s the Run DMC music video, where the copter-setting rap group dispense vigilante justice by foiling the schemes of… Penn and Teller?!?!??

The video ends with Penn and Teller fraudulently filling in for Run DMC on a tour of Japan… but when you think of it, is it possible that the audience really was there for a night of magic and whimsy?