Let’s Read A Thread In Which I Tell You That Old Magazines Will Be Back Next Week

Which part of this complete, wholesome dinner represents you best?

Mrs. Malcolm in this scenario is represented by both the steak and the baked potato. She invites you to stick a fork in either, because she is so done with this week. This is an image that I stole off Flickr and I claim no credit for scanning it.

There comes a time when the forces of personal stress, work stress, planned personal crises, unplanned personal crises, and fun things that you want to do all seem to converge upon your life within the space of two days. In this case, something’s gotta give, and that something unfortunately is this week’s Old Magazine thread. I really want to do justice to this issue of Fortune because it’s a great issue that happens to cover a lot of important historical things. This issue also has a very long feature on the business of Nabisco, and how could I show my face here on The Avocado if I didn’t pounce on the chance to make “big wheel at the cracker factory” jokes? Not to mention that the small amount of work I’ve managed to get done on this issue has resulted in an absolutely wonderful email back-and-forth between myself and a researcher at a maritime museum that I have to share bits of because it’s great. So, I’m giving myself a break to get some other stuff cleared out and cleared up and I’ll be back next week with a properly done Let’s Read with Fortune from June 1948. I love you all, take care out there. Now’s the time for tenderness.