The Collectible Card Games Thread – My Year of CCGs

Welcome to the *CG thread, where we talk all manner of Card Games – Collectible, Trading, Living, and otherwise! Feel free to chat amongst yourselves about the card games you’re playing or anything card game-related that strikes your fancy.

At the end of last January, I wrote up a long, rambling runthrough of the broad history of CCGs. Starting then, I’m not sure I was really considering just how much there would be to say about CCGs – I’m a year in and I still have more to say (though I did switch to a fortnightly schedule for my own sanity – it turns out I tend to write a lot when I write). When I started this thread, I’d been a little out of touch with CCGs for a while, between moving around a lot and other life complications. I mostly kept up with them academically and theoretically. But over this past year, I’ve gotten very into Magic Arena, I’ve done a lot more investigation of other games, and my relationship with CCGs has kind of evolved. I want to thank all of you for reading my weird, extended, often elliptical exploration of this weird, amazing genre and I look forward to writing more on CCGs in the coming year.

This week’s prompt: How has your year of CCGs been? Have you tried any of the new releases? Have any of the old standards grown with you?

Or, as always, feel free to talk about anything going on with you in the world of *CGs.