Sports Corner – January 23, 2019

And so the Super Bowl is set, a rematch of the 2002 game that catapulted Tom Brady to stardom.  Only the Rams are now in LA, the NFL has trouble getting insurance because of concerns about lawsuits over CTE, no one wants to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show because Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed, and everyone is unhappy about the officiating.  Well, at least that last item might have been true in 2002 as well.  I am sure we’ll hear about that a lot over the next two weeks, not so much about CTE and Kaepernick.

Elsewhere,  Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay Mike Mussina, and Edgar Martinez have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Warriors seem to have reawakened even as everyone else is dinged up, the Islanders are in first place, and Harper and Machado still haven’t been signed.  As ever, all sports topics welcome.