Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 29 “Change Your Mind”

This is it, y’all! Season Finale!


Though it does feel like a “Series Finale” in that every plot seems resolved sorta way, though there is still that movie, and the fact that the marketing was pretty clear in saying “Season Finale” rather then series. Eh best not to dwell on that right now.


Anyway, there’s just so much going on that it’s taking me alot to wrap my head around what just happened. Here’s an attempt at listing a few:

  • Full crystal fusion gems! Not only Smokey Quartz and Rainbow Quartz 2.0, but Sunstone and Obsidian too! Honestly, RQ is my favorite of the bunch
  • New Costumes! Lapis and Peridot too!
  • That whole split Steven sequence really had an Akira vibe to it.
  • Glad to see the Off-Colors again. Didn’t expect them so soon.
  • And Jasper too! And all the corrupted Gems. Love the designs (especially the beetles).
  • Very nice and cathartic song at the end. Seems like it’s a hint at things to come.
  • Which hey, the movie is this Fall!