Legion, Chapter 4

Conflict is no longer brewing. It is live and we are go. Things move slowly, for a while. And then, not as slowly.

The picture is coming together a little more, but there are some challenges. The opposition is no longer sitting still. The more we find out about David’s past, the more troubled he seems. But the worst part is that this trouble has always been present. It’s only now that it is recognized.


There are open questions of reality. And indeed, this episode takes place in our reality, somewhat, and in another. The astral plane. This is a concept I have heard before, but the explanation is somewhat nebulous. An existence parallel to ours, a fabricated reality, a created space. We’re starting to see just how powerful David might actually be – that reality may only be a suggestion for him.

There is a great deal of sorting here. Some things that were previously false are now true. Kissinger exists. Some that were previously true are now false. There is a king, or maybe a King, but he is not a dog. David does have a junkie friend, but Benny, not Lenny. Lenny is no one’s friend.


Memories. Some of them are not accurate. This is probably true for you and for me, too. Even things we like to remember, the details may not be clear, or we may misremember things over time. But David is different here. His memories have glitches, omissions. And they are not a failure, but the results of deliberate acts.

And it seems obvious who is editing the reel.


This episode gives us some real background on Melanie and her husband, along with Cary/Kerry. David may have the most troubled history, but hardly the only abnormal one. Everyone here is struggling with something: a husband trapped in the astral plane, a shared body, a need to kick a lot of ass. Having to make small talk with your current flame’s ex-girlfriend while your partner probes her memories, having seen them get down in his memory and knowing you can’t do that. A parasite.

All of this culminates in the three sides converging at the lighthouse. The X-Friends find the doctor, D3 and The Eye find the X-Friends, and David finds his way out of the astral plane. Kerry finds some soldiers to beat down. This gives us a multi-tiered dance scene set to a Feist song that may be the most spectacular part of the show so far.


(Aside: why Kerry was destroying the soldiers, and then suddenly became helpless, isn’t clear to me. Maybe someone can explain that.)


Things end, as they do, and not well. Syd takes advantage of The Eye, and David finds his way back to reality, only for The Eye to take advantage of the situation. Cary falls as Kerry is shot. As bad as that is, things only promise to become worse, with The Eye escaping as Kerry bleeds. And Lenny is there, with a grimy hand on one shoulder and a Cheshire Cat smile, ready to make a deal.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Let me reiterate that the fight/dance scene was awesome. I don’t even use that word in real life.
  • Oliver is amusing to me. I loved his disappointment at the culture change. “Bras are back.” “Too bad.” So this still seems like the Sixties, but maybe now it’s the Seventies?
  • I feel terrible for Amy.
  • Curious to find out what The Eye is capable of, exactly. Besides not being shot, no matter how many guns are being fired at any one time.
  • The tumor looks like a soiled, carnivorous Humpty Dumpty.
  • I really enjoyed Oliver’s jazz record. The beat poetry, maybe not so much.
  • Your name is probably not as rad as Amber Midthunder’s.