The Craftocado: Trends, Fads, and the Cycle of Fashion

Howdy, fellow Craftocados!

Apologies for missing last week, I spent all day Thursday thinking it was Wednesday. Upon reflection, I think we’ll be going to an every-two-weeks schedule for Craftocado posts. Week to week, I often don’t have much to show, but two weeks is a nice hunk of time to work on things and have some progress to show. So next post will be in two weeks.

First of all, as always… Whatcha makin’?

This week’s topic is trends and fads, and crafts coming and going with the changing tides of fashion. As with all things, crafting trends are cyclical. Something is popular for a while, then falls out of fashion, and then eventually becomes popular again. For example, the header photo is macrame, which most people associate with the 70’s. Macrame has had a mini revival and there are newer, fresher patterns available now and supplies have become easier to get again.

Knitting had a major revival about fifteen years ago, the tipping point of which I believe was the publication of Debbie Stoller’s book Stitch ‘n Bitch. Many people who hopped on the trend have moved on to other things, but knitting remains a popular craft as new, young designers continue innovating, which helps keep it feeling fresh. I see trends come and go in the “hot right now” patterns on Ravelry… different textures, shapes, techniques. It seems just as I get tired of seeing one type of thing flooding the front page of patterns, something else comes along.

Are there any out-of-fashion crafts you’d like to see make a comeback? Any current ones you’re worried about becoming dated? Fads you’ve found irritating? Any fads or trends you’ve loved? Were you all over Rainbow Looms, for example? Did you go to scrapbooking meetups? Do you love Diamond Dotz/Paint With Diamonds that seems to be all the rage right now?