The Pet Thread Remembers

Share your best pet pics and (if you’d like) best pet memories below. In the spoilered section*, I talk about a great furry friend I recently lost (and you sincerely don’t have to read it if you don’t want to).

*TW/CW for pet death, and also collapsible so you don’t have to scroll through the insane number of pictures (I couldn’t choose) every time you visit the thread.


I hope y’all will forgive me this indulgence, but I had to put my grand old man Chaplin to sleep this week, and I’d like to tell y’all about him. When I was volunteering at a shelter down in Baton Rouge, this one persistent kitten kept following me around, “helping” me complete my tasks. I was living with my parents for a few months before moving to Tennessee for grad school, and my parents are not cat people, but I talked about this mustachioed little kitty so much that my mom finally exclaimed, “Oh my God, adopt the damn thing already.” So I did! “Charlie Chaplin” became Chaplin, moved with me to Tennessee, and spent the next nearly 15 years being the best damn cat in the world.

He was just a little guy at first,

but that didn’t last long.


In his heyday, he was magnificent. I once took him out of his carrier at the vet to a chorus of audible gasps. But imposing as he was, he was the gentlest cat. He was endlessly patient and tolerant of human shenanigans,


he loved snuggles and sunshine,


and he never minded sharing his warmth with dozens of foster kittens (one of which you might recognize as tiny baby Badger).

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He’d even let the poor little orphans “nurse” on him, which, okay, is a little weird, but so sweet. He was also the hub of my own little pet family. He raised them all, even the dogs.

We’re going to miss him endlessly, but Badger’s ready to carry the torch.


RIP Chaplin, 2/1/2004 – 1/9/2019


Hug your critters close, Avocados, and have a wonderful weekend!