To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E08: “The Passenger”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Kira & Bashir are on a runabout heading home. Kira says she’s never seen anything like a woman who was dead according to the tricorder, but Bashir was able to revive. Bashir says that tricorders are not very accurate with dead people. Kira is impressed. Bashir impressed himself as well, and talks about how great he is. He has this stupid smug smile.

“Why yes, I am awesome. So glad you agree.”

Kira stops being impressed.

They hear a distress signal. It’s a Kobliad transport ship. It’s leaking energy and some other technobabble so they head over to help.

Kira & Bashir beam aboard. There’s toxic gas and they have about 10 minutes to do what they need to do before they run out of oxygen.

Bashir revives a woman who lost consciousness. It’s sadly too dark to see what she’s wearing.  She says the pilot is dead. He’s reading another life form behind a door. She warns him not to open a door as there’s a prisoner inside who started the fire to escape. She tells him not to let him out but Bashir reads that the man is dying and insists on entering the room.

It’s on fire. The woman tells him the prisoner is dangerous, but Bashir says that there’s no need to worry since the man is almost dead anyway. Kira comes in with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, talking some technobabble about how the ship is basically destroyed and they’re all going to die if they don’t leave, like now. Bashir wants to transport the prisoner to the emergency unit on the runabout.

Just as they’re about to transport, the prisoner unexpectedly reaches out and grabs Bashir around the neck, choking him.


He says “Make me live,” and then apparently dies, releasing Bashir. Bashir uses his tricorder and says that he won’t be able to bring the man back. We don’t get a view of his clothes, but we can see his face, and he’s got this bad wound on his face.



Back on DS9, Bashir is treating the woman they rescued. She identifies herself as Ty Kajada of Kobliad security. She’s not wearing an interesting outfit. She says that Vantika was heading for DS9, but Bashir assures her he’s dead now. She insists on seeing the body.

Yep, that’s a body all right.

Her outfit is dark red  with a wide stripe of lighter red on the front. In this side angle, we can see that it’s not a jumpsuit, but actually matching red pants and red shirt.

Bashir says it seems he died as a result of respiratory failure, brought on by the fire. Kajada asks if he’s sure it’s the same body. He is. She asks if he’s run a retinal imaging scan to confirm there’s no residual activity in the visual cortex. Bashir assures her he is definitely dead, but Kajada says that he has faked his death before, many times, and the last time someone thought he was dead, they didn’t live to regret the mistake.

Bashir asks if he was a murderer; she says the description doesn’t quite do him justice. He’s a man of science who killed others to prolong his own life. She’s been tracking him for 20 years. She asks Bashir to perform an autopsy and confirm his identity with a DNA reference scan. Bashir agrees.

She also wants to scan her ship to make sure there’s no anomalous life forms on board.

At Quark’s, Quark serves Dax an iced raktajino.


He’s wearing his usual Quark outfit. Green pants, orange striped shirt, short jacket. It looks like the paisley one instead of the upholstered one this time.

Quark thinks Dax is infatuated with him. Odo thinks he is delusional; Quark thinks there’s nothing wrong with delusions – he sells them to people in the holosuites. He thinks there’s something in Dax’s eyes when she looks at him; Odo says it’s an allergic reaction. Quark thinks she is lonely. Odo think this is ridiculous, she has many friends she’d call on before Quark.

If they win, do you think they’ll buy better clothes? I’d bet no.

Dax is sitting alone and reading. I observed in the last episode that she spends a lot of time looking at screens, and this is no exception; she’s studying something here.

Behind her is a Dabo girl in a backless gold dress with a slit so high up her thigh it barely qualifies as a dress. She’s got an interesting updo for her hair, as well.

The men playing the game are far less stylish. The two we can see are wearing shirts that are too big for them, in mustard and neon orange, and the neon orange shirt guy is wearing boring pants. I do give them credit, though, as these are not jumpsuits. Mustard and neon orange would be pretty horrible jumpsuits.

Odo observes that Dax likes to spend a lot of time alone, as Odo does. He’s understanding of that, so Quark suggests Dax and he would get along well. Odo says he would not intrude on her privacy. Quark says that many people like companionship, and friends.

Odo wonders why he bothers. Quark says it’s good to want things. Even things you can’t have? Yes, especially those. Odo brings up a deuridium shipment. Quark pretends not to know there is one coming. Odo says he is watching him. Quark says he is watching Jadzia, who takes that moment to smile in his direction.

Someone else is watching Odo, though. This guy. He looks like a Serious Dude.

“Now is not the time for jokes,” — Lieutenant Primmin, probably.

A Starfleet officer appears to comment on Odo’s technique of leaking word of the Deuridium shipment to the local black market. He identifies himself as Lieutenant George Primmin of Starfleet security when Odo doesn’t want to discuss it. He says he’d like to talk about the deuridium shipment. Odo says security is in place. Primmin wants to go over it again. Odo agrees reluctantly to meet him at 1700 hours.

Sisko , Dax, Kira, and Bashir are having a meeting in Ops.

“So then I said to Kajada, ‘Well, you know, I am a brilliant doctor…,'” — Bashir, probably.

I’ve noticed they have these meetings usually right there in the open. I hope they’re not discussing anything classified or sensitive, because there are usually plenty of other people around who can hear them. You’d think they’d have them in Sisko’s office or something.

Bashir tells the others that the autopsy he performed revealed nothing out of the ordinary, and all evidence pointed to the corpse being Vantika, as expected. He thinks Vantika is actually dead.

Apparently both Vantika and Kajada were heading toward DS9 to meet the upcoming deuridium shipment; the Kobliad are a “dying race” and they need deuridium to stabilize their cell structure and prolong their life-span.

(I’m not sure I understand what this means. Technically, don’t all races die, eventually? The Kobliad need deuridium, humans need food and oxygen.)

According to Dax, the Federation has been working with the Kobliad to supply them with deuridium, but even new supplies from the Gamma Quadrant haven’t been enough for the whole population, and some of them have gone underground to get it. So Vantika was apparently intending to hijack the shipment.

Bashir doesn’t think anything will convince Kajada that Vantika is dead. Dax points out she’s been chasing him for most of her adult life. Sisko tells them to grant Kajada’s requests as a courtesy, but he’s more concerned that Vantika had some assistance waiting for him on DS9.


Lieutenant Primmin appears to meet with Sisko about the security concerns. Kira says she’ll call Odo to join, but Primmin says he will fill in Odo later.

Inside the office, Sisko asks Primmin how he and Odo are getting along. Primmin says he thinks Odo is good at keeping order on the Promenade, but he thinks this shipment is over Odo’s head, and is concerned that Odo was discussing it in the middle of Quark’s. He points out that now everyone probably knows about the shipment.

Sisko defends Odo, saying that it’s hard to keep a secret on the station; it’s not a starship, and Odo was probably making sure that Quark knew that we know that he knows. Primmin acknowledges that this is not the way he was taught in the academy, but Sisko cuts him off before he can give an opinion. He points out that they are guests of the Bajorans, and not to throw his Starfleet Academy in anyone’s face. He also says that Primmin might learn a few things from Odo.

Chastised, Primmin agrees. Sisko tells him about the plot, and that he and Odo ought to discuss things with Kajada.


Primmin meets with Odo. He apologizes for them getting off on the wrong foot. Odo dismisses it and they shake hands. Odo allows him to see his plans and offer suggestions, however, when he tries to bring up the plans, they get an error that Database services are not available.

404: File Not Found

Odo calls Ops to find out if they’re having some kind of computer problem, and Kira discovers that everything in active memory has been accessed and purged.

(I wasn’t sure what active memory meant, but in talking to my nerdy tech Husband, he basically said the whole thing sounds like RAM and it mostly made sense.)

Odo is not sure how this is possible, but Kajada appears at that moment to tell them that Vantika did the same thing on Rigel VII.

“I told you so,” — Kajada, probably.

Here’s a better view of her outfit from the front. The lighter red stripe on her top is continued on her pants as well. There’s also an interesting shape to her collar that’s mimicked on the bottom of her top. Also, in this lighting, the darker red looks shiny.

Kajada is meeting with the rest of the team.

Primmin has to stand in the back because he’s tall. And also not a main character.

She insists she knows how Vantika thinks, despite Bashir insisting that Vantika is no longer thinking. Kajada is convinced he is not dead, because she knows that Vantika would have first accessed their security files on the deuridium shipment, which is exactly what he’s done.

Primmin doesn’t understand why he would purge everything in order to get a single file, but Odo says it makes perfect sense – try to access a single file and you’d be stopped by a bunch of lockouts, but you wouldn’t lock out all of active memory or this would make it impossible to use the entire computer system.

Kajada says that in the past this was accomplished by using a shunt, which was placed in a minor system that covered the whole station but wasn’t covered by security. Kira suggests lighting controls or replicators. Dax notes an unauthorized tap into the computer system at a temperature control panel. Both Primmin and Odo try to call security at the same time, but Primmin backs down.

Kajada thinks that Vantika equipped the shunt with an auto-destruct sequence, and tells them to tell security to be careful. When Kira is skeptical, she simply insists that she knows Vantika.

Sisko also admits his skepticism. She says he’s making a fatal mistake. Sisko thinks it’s more likely an accomplice is responsible. Kajada says that Vantika is obsessed with his own survival and has prolonged his life in many ways: he used prisoners for illegal experiments and raided labs to steal bio-regenerative research. She tells them that when he started the fire, he had a plan to survive and she’s sure he succeeded. Bashir reports it will be 12 hours before they get the DNA trace results back, as Starfleet Command will have to coordinate with Kobliad security. Sisko says they should operate under the assumption Vantika is alive until they hear back.


Odo wants to talk privately, so they head to Sisko’s office.

Odo wants to resign. Sisko says he’s overreacting. Odo says he needs clear jurisdiction or he’s out.

Sisko says he likes him as he likes to know where a man stands, and he knows that from Odo. However, he says that Starfleet is definitely going to have their own security to protect its own interests, and they’ll have to get along. Odo wants to know who’s in charge, so Sisko tells him he is. Odo is satisfied, and leaves.

Dax has finished a sweep of Kajada’s ship and reveals that since the ship has been docked, someone tried to break into the cargo bay. She thinks they were after something in Vantika’s personal belongings – a map of the humanoid brain.


(This doesn’t make sense. Even if they’re all humanoid, shouldn’t different species have different brains? A human brain is probably structured differently from a Kobliad brain or a Klingon brain, right? What use is a generic humanoid map going to do?)

At Quark’s everything is quiet. The Ferengi are cleaning up. Quark berates his employees, noting that he’s found 3 coins and someone might have lost valuable jewelry. He says he’ll do the cleaning himself and keep everything, then yells at them all to leave.

“What’s a joke?” — these dour Ferengi, probably.

They must be used to abuse or maybe grateful for the night off. Neither one of them says anything, they just leave.

Suddenly, someone grabs him by the neck and asks in a hoarse voice if he’s made the preparations.


Preparations? For the deuridium shipment, as he he was supposed to hire mercenaries to help. Quark is confused – this can’t be Vantika! The voice tells him that he was told to expect him at this hour. Quark says he has contacted some very reliable soldiers of fortune in anticipation, but he was told Vantika was dead.

“Almost, but not quite,” says the voice, and then he throws Quark forward and the figure vanishes.

Kajada has come to see Bashir, who has the results of the DNA scan. He says he tried to call Kajada the night before but she had not replied. She says she has trouble sleeping and uses an alpha wave inducer to help. Bashir explains with some technobabble that the DNA was not even a clone and it was definitely Rao Vantika. Kajada thinks they’ve overlooked something.

Dax calls at that moment, saying she needs some medical advice and asks him to come to her lab. Bashir tells Kajada they’ve done every conceivable test, and leaves.

Dax is looking at the humanoid brain on a screen. She says that she has a theory that the body dies and consciousness lives on. In another brain. Bashir says he’s encountered something similar, but it has never been done by a non-Vulcan. Dax thinks this is what Vantika was working on. There are 70 different simulations on his file about identifying neural energy patterns and storing them in different areas of the brain. Bashir agrees that there is room, as a humanoid only uses a small portion of the brain.

(again, I don’t understand how you can attribute this to “humanoid” as this term probably describes thousands of species and also I think the “humans only use a small part of their brain” thing is totally false.)

Dax suggests that another being could share that unused portion of the brain. Bashir says that hypothetically Vantika’s consciousness could be in someone else’s brain. But whose? They assume Kajada, since they were together on the ship and they are of the same species. Also, where better to hide than in the mind of your worst enemy?

Sisko doesn’t think it makes sense.

possibly because it doesn’t?

Kajada has been trying to convince them Vantika is alive – why would he call attention to himself?

Dax points out that he’s not controlling her. Bashir says she might not even be aware of his presence. Sisko asks if they could prove this with a medical exam, but they don’t know what they’re looking for. (How do you detect the presence of consciousness?)

Odo suggests assigning some personnel to surveil her, but Primmin thinks they’re already stretched thin with personnel preparing for the shipment. He suggests having the computer alert them if she goes near a secured area. Odo says that she must be left out of their security planning. Bashir predicts she won’t like that, but Sisko agrees that they have no choice but to exclude her.

Dax wonders what they should tell her, and Odo says to send her to him, as she’ll figure out when she’s been excluded.

Sure enough, Kajada comes to Odo’s office to complain.

“No, I am not joking!” – Kajada, probably.

She says she’s been denied access and wants to know why. Odo says he ordered it. He states that he thinks it’s necessary to restrict access to himself, Primmin, Kira, and Sisko. Kajada asks when the shipment will arrive. He won’t tell her.

She asks about Quark and if he’s under surveillance. Odo says he always keeps an eye on Quark. Kajada says that Quark is the type to use in his plans. She then leaves, clearly upset.

Quark is quietly meeting inside his closed bar with a number of men he’s hired.


One guy appears to be a Bajoran pirate; he’s got a cloth wrapped over his head, a pink shirt, and pinkish-purple jacket. Another alien is wearing mostly purple with some sort of purplish black stripes. I think he might be the guy from episode 4, Babel who was unhappy with Quark’s stew. He definitely seems to be the same species and wearing a similar outfit. There’s a third guy, but we don’t get a good look at him.

Kajada has discovered the meeting and is watching from an upper level. She moves slowly closer to listen to their conversation.


Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by Kajada’s screams. Quark looks up to see her hanging from a railing. She loses her grip and falls to the floor below, where she is knocked unconscious.


She wakes up in the infirmary with a bunch of medical stuff on her.


She says she was pushed by Vantika, but she is weak and can’t stay conscious for long. Quark says he just heard the scream and looked up to see her fall. He wonders what she was doing up there. Odo says she was suspicious that he was involved in the plot to hijack the deuridium shipment, which Quark denies of course.

Sisko asks if anyone else was in the bar. Quark says it was only himself tidying up, and he must go finish. Odo says he wants to look at the third floor before Quark gets rid of the evidence, so they both leave.

Sisko wonders if this was a suicide attempt; Bashir says he hasn’t noticed any suicidal behaviors, but he doesn’t know the affects of sharing one’s brain. They decide that Bashir will do a brain scan after he tends to her injuries, but he’s not sure what to look for, and they don’t know the transfer method Vantika used to move his consciousness.

In the stasis room, Dax is taking samples from under Vantika’s fingernails.

(Isn’t stasis a thing that keeps people alive? If Vantika is dead, wouldn’t this be a morgue?)

Dax thinks that Vantika sent a bioelectrical charge along the glial cells of someone’s nervous center, all the way to the brain. She thinks that’s what he was doing, and delivered the charge via his fingernails. She also thinks it must have been a very weak charge or the sensors on the ship would have detected it. Ideally, he would have injected it into the victim’s skin, but there were no hyposprays or needles on the ship.

She looks at the under-fingernail samples on a microscope and finds a microscopic generator, confirming her theory.


He stored his neural patterns in the generator, placed it under his nail months ago, in case he needed an escape route in an emergency. Dax thinks they can confirm it with a glial scan, so Sisko says to do this as soon as Bashir has stabilized Kajada.

Kira is talking to some security guys about technobabble. They are making sure everything is working fine. Odo appears and says they have only an hour, so this must be the last check. He asks where Primmin is; she doesn’t know. Odo says he sent Primmin to help Kira, but she has not seen him.

Quark and the mercenaries are about to separate.

The brightest mercenaries, or the best 80s rock band? You decide.

We can see now that the pirate Bajoran is wearing several layers of clothes. It looks like a long short sleeved jacket of dark purple-grey over a darker blue shirt over a bright pink shirt, judging by his arms. I can’t even tell by looking at the front of his shirt(s). The alien in purple looks like he’s wearing some sort of armor, almost, but there’s none on his legs. And we still don’t have a good look at the third guy.

They are meeting at a runabout. The mercenaries are impressed Quark has secured a Federation runabout, but Quark says their employer was the one who did that, and also that the employer will be waiting for them on board.

They arrive at the runabout and are surprised when they open the door to see Bashir aboard. Quark apologizes and says they’ve made a wrong turn, but Bashir, speaking in a weird voice, says he’s been expecting them.

Dax goes to look for Bashir. He’s not in the infirmary, but the computer says he is. She finds his comm badge, though.

Primmin is looking at some shiny objects. Odo wants to know why. Primmin says that since Vantika attacked the whole computer system to get one file, he will probably know that they’re concentrating their security efforts on the docking ring, but that’s not where he’ll try to hurt them. So he ran a diagnostic on all the systems that could shut down the whole defense array.

Odo has already done that; neither of them found anything. Primmin moved on to the backup systems and tracked a glitch to the waste reclamation system and found something. A shunt like the other one, which would have shut them down for close to an hour. Odo is impressed.

The freighter with the deuridium comes through the wormhole; it’s called the Norkova. They had planned to have it dock at bay 8; Sisko tells Odo to maintain visible security there but he’s sending the Norkova to the second backup, bay 12. Primmin says he’ll send additional forces there.

Odo informs Sisko about Primmin’s work finding the second shunt.

Kira asks if Odo has deployed a runabout to escort the Norkova. He has not. So why is one heading out to meet it?

They’re all staring at the screen in surprise when Dax comes in to tell them that Bashir is missing. Sisko asks the computer who authorized access to the runabout – it was Bashir. They’re all even more surprised by this.


In space, the freighter crew is going about their business when the mercenaries beam in.


The crew has some really ugly uniforms, but I do give the designers credit, as they look a lot like boring mechanic’s coveralls, which I think is fitting for the crew of a freighter.

They shoot the crew, who just stand there waiting to be shot until they are shot.


Sadly, it appears this is the only image where we see the third mercenary. He also looks like he’s wearing a long jacket/shirt over a long-sleeved shirt of some kind, possibly reddish-brown, but it’s too dark in there to tell clearly. Oh well. At least I don’t think we’re missing anything interesting.

Then one of the mercenaries goes to the computer and says “it’s safe.”

Bashir/Vantika beams on board. He orders shields up and sits in the captain’s chair. He tells them to secure the rest of the ship and account for all 12 members of the crew. Kill them if they resist. The purple alien begins to enter a new course while the other two go off to do some murdering.

They can’t escape, though, as the station has locked a tractor beam on to them. Bashir/Vantika says this is not possible; they should be shut down by now. Well, they’re not, says the purple alien. They’re hailing us.

“Hailing…us?” Bashir/Vantika demands, as though he has no idea what hailing is.

(I honestly can’t discern if Siddig El Fadil (later Alexander Siddig) is not acting well here, or if he’s seriously hamming it up for fun. I also can’t decide if I really love it or am really put off by it. It kind of takes me out of the episode a little, but I also kind of enjoy it. I’m looking forward to others’ thoughts.)

He orders the purple alien to engage engines at full impulse. The alien is skeptical they will succeed with the tractor beam on them. “Do IT” says Vantika.

The alien stoically engages engines, then stoically notes that the tractor beam is holding. Unperturbed, Vantika says that they won’t be able to pull them in. The alien is not appeased, and is impatient. What does Vantika want to do?

Vantika tells him to open a channel. Siko appears on the screen. Bashir folds his hands into the classic evildoer triangle and says “Rao Vantika is my name.”


On the station, Kira and Odo are shocked, and both turn toward Sisko.


“But I assume you know that already,” Vantika says.

Well, he’s wrong. They seem stupidly surprised by his statement of his name.

Sisko wants to talk to Bashir, but unfortunately, Vantika says, he’s not available at the moment. Sisko asks if he’s all right. Vantika says his body is “fit as a fiddle” as the humans say it.

Sisko asks what he’s done to Bashir’s mind. Vantika says it was necessary to render him unconscious but he might consider leaving his body if he releases the tractor beam. Sisko refuses. Vantika says he will take the vessel to warp. Sisko points out the beam would rip apart his ship, killing everyone. Vantika says that if he cares at all about Bashir’s health, he’ll release them, and gives them a minute to decide.

Sisko, visibly frustrated, asks Primmin if they can transport Bashir out. Nope, shields are up. He asks for other suggestions.

Kira suggests a small ship like a runabout might get close enough to overload their shield generators with phaser fire, a technique they used against Cardassian freighters often. Odo points out they’d risk a hull breach and they don’t want to risk releasing deuridium, as apparently it’s dangerous and they’d have to basically evacuate the system.

Sisko asks Dax if they can disrupt Vantika’s hold on Bashir. She has a copy of Vantika’s neural energy patterns, and thinks she can create an electromagnetic pulse to disrupt those patterns, allowing Bashir to emerge. They decide to run it along the tractor beam at the same frequency of their ships and some other technobabble, but she needs some time.


Vantika wants to talk again.

Sisko asks what guarantee he has that Vantika will allow Bashir to return. Vantika is suspicious; wondering if he is planning a rescue attempt. Sisko says he doesn’t think Vantika is ready to kill himself by going to warp, since he’s gone to great lengths to survive. Vantika says he doesn’t think Sisko wants to risk spreading deuridium over the system. He tells the purple alien to engage warp engines.

The purple alien mercenary mutinies. “You must be crazy! I want no part of this!” he says, standing up. Vantika turns and coldly shoots him.


Sisko agrees to release the tractor beam, but Dax is ready with the pulse, and she does that instead.

Vantika grabs his (Bashir’s) head, and shakes a bunch. Sisko calls out for Bashir to answer him and Bashir, groggy, looks around and answers. He has no idea where he is or what’s going on. Sisko tells him to lower the shields; he’ll explain later.

Bashir goes to do so, but as he does Vantika apparently tries to take control again as he starts to lurch and gasp as though he’s in pain. He manages to lower the shields, though. Sisko tells his people to get him out of there. Primmin operates the transporter and Bashir arrives. He starts to tell everyone that it’s okay, and he’s himself, but then Vantika appears to try to take control again, so Sisko shoots him.

You have to think that this was a satisfying moment for at least some of them.

Once he’s on the ground, they rush forward.

A short while later, they’ve loaded Bashir into a machine. Dax has programmed the transporter to isolate any glial cells with Vantika’s neural patterns and beam them from Bashir into a micro containment field. After that he should be back to normal.

So they do that and then Dax goes over to Bashir and scans him with the tricorder while Sisko and Odo look on. Dax says she’s only seeing human neural patterns, so he’s okay, and then she wakes up Bashir, who looks confused. He then says he has a bad headache, and Sisko and Dax are amused by this.

They give Kajada the micro containment field. They ask Kajada what she’s going to do with it. She asks Sisko if he’s returned custody of the prisoner to her, and Sisko agrees she can have what’s left with him, so Kajada takes out her weapon and shoots the container, vaporizing it. Sisko is slightly alarmed, but Kajada is pleased with herself, and leaves.