The Crescent Fresh Night Thread (1/10)

The world getting you down?  Feeling so angry you want to scream?  Remember these wise words from Sifl and Olly:

Angry man say dangity-dang
He go to the park to hangity-hang, but

His whole life’s a mess

Sifl and Olly are sock puppets played by Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco.  They aired on MTV back when, you know, they were still airing music videos and a dumb show about sock puppets could still make it on MTV. (Though this got aired really late at night… so if you were watching MTV between 1997 and 1999 you still might have missed it.) Lynch was inspired to make the show after seeing commercials by Aardman Studios, but lacking the resources to do stop motion he settled on sock puppets instead.

Perhaps the most popular the show got was “United States of Whatever,” a song performed by Lynch as Olly. The song reached #10 on the UK singles charts and #6 in Australia.

BONUS: I feel so brilliant I’m HORNY