Sports Corner – January 9, 2018

Fifty years ago today, the brash/confident/cocky quarterback for the New York Jets, Joe Willie Namath, made a guarantee: the Jets would win the Super Bowl (the first time that the AFL-NFL Championship had that name).  The Baltimore Colts were favored by 17 points, and up to that point, it looked like the established NFL was far superior to the upstart AFL.  Three days after Broadway Joe’s guarantee, the Jets pulled off what is still the biggest upset in Super Bowl history.  The AFL, soon to become the AFC in the merger of the two leagues, showed it belonged on the field, and Namath became the pro sport’s first true superstar.  And the Jets won their first (and, sorry, Jets fans, their only) Super Bowl.  Joe Namath remains one of the most famous former football players, and without any doubt the most famous Jet.

Meanwhile, in 2019, the NFL wild card games are in the books; the FA Cup has produced some major upsets; coaching vacancies in the NFL are starting to be filled; Tom Thibodeau is out as coach of the Timberwolves; and Machado and Harper are still free agents.  Plus we have the winner of the College Football Playoff, Clemson.

As ever, all sports subjects are welcome.