Steven Universe s5e28: “Escapism”

So guess what?

I made it all the way to the airing of this episode, all the long long months, without hearing it before tonight.

Stray observations

  • Adam Muto was one of the boarders on this episode, along with Joe Johnston. Great to see Adventure Time alumni on this show once again! I’m still hoping for Ashly Burch to get a chance, whether as a writer or as a voice actress.
  • Good thinking on Connie’s part to grab some food bars, as usual
  • That poor birdie!
  • I’m told AJ Michalka sang lead, with Grace Rolek and Zach Callison on backup, but I’m not certain. If so that makes it Stevonnie’s first song!
  • My girlfriend: “I don’t understand watermelon society.” Same, babe.
  • Greg!!!
  • Tune in next week for the four-part season finale! After that… who knows when we’ll be back. *sigh* frickin’ Cartoon Network