Werewolves 81: Pet Sematary — Chapter Four

A bitter cold wind was ripping straight down the spine of Lupineville. Anyone with a lick of sense in their head would be indoors huddled around a fireplace sipping hot apple cider with a healthy dollop of Bulleit Rye. But some creatures in Lupineville didn’t have a brain. Some of them had many brains! Buzzing buzzing buzzing brains.
The Swarm of Zombie Flies made its way through town, determined to sate its new found hunger for flesh. It swarmed into Jack’s Diner and found a lone occupant sitting in a booth drinking a steaming cup of coffee. The buzzing increased tenfold, and the Swarm attacked without pity or remorse. It flew into the person’s open mouth. It crawled into the ears and up the nose. It viciously fell on every inch of exposed flesh. With barely a whimper its prey slumped and and knocked its head on the table, then fell to the floor.

UH, JOHN!/LORD STONEHEART has been turned into a GHOUL.

In the fury of the Swarm’s attack it failed to hear the bright ting-a-ling coming from the front door of the diner as it opened. Carefully, an opened jar of rendered bacon fat was left on the counter. When the smoky fatty smell reached the Swarm it lit up excitedly.
The Swarm zipped over to the jar and began gorging itself on the contents within. With lightning speed the top to the jar was produced and screwed on. Then, with an expert toss, the jar full of Zombie Flies and bacon fat was tossed into the deep fryer, where it exploded on contact, and the small bodies were immediately frizzled.

A SWARM OF ZOMBIE FLIES / MAYELBRIDWEN has died and gone to the Graveyard. They were a GHOUL.

A Sloth had just finished using the urinal at Jack’s Diner. He was there to meet up with uh, John! for some coffee and conversation. A Sloth flushed and began to slowly clamber down and off the urinal when he heard a commotion coming from the diner. There was a massive buzzing sound, then he heard an explosive pop and the sound of glass exploding.
Half an hour later Sloth finally reached the booth they had been occupying, only to find uh, John! limbs akimbo on the floor. As A Sloth approached uh, John!’s eyes flashed open, and an unholy gleam emitted from uh, John!’s eyes. In grotesque fashion uh, John! began to awkwardly rise from the floor, all of his limbs moving in a sickeningly backwards fashion.
It was as if time had ground to a halt for A Sloth. He reached into the pouch strapped around his waist, pulled out a syringe loaded with his newly-made Cure, stabbed uh, John! in the foot, and hit the plunger. Immediately uh, John! fell to the floor again, striking his head on the table. A Sloth moved over his friend and felt the firm beating of his heart and the warm breath coming from his mouth.


Hogweed was nestled comfortably in a cardboard box that contained the discarded mascot costume of Lupineville’s Wally Werewolf. He had felt the oncoming storm and had laid in with plenty of kitty kibble and pieces of leftover chicken. With a heavy sigh Hogweed’s thoughts turned, as they often did, to his cousins Flipflop and hoho. He had decided earlier that day he was done with Lupineville and all the crazy shit that had been going on. He was going to beat feet and see if he couldn’t track down his missing cousins. A loud and wet cough reached his ears.

“Goddamn cold,” hacked Red Miller. Last night’s shenanigans had seemed to make his sickness worse. He drank down more of Doc’s Super Duper Theraflu and took a couple of snorts from his flask of Mescal and was on his way home. He was cutting down the alleyway behind Jack’s Diner when he saw a cardboard box bump and move. Standing stock still, Red saw the top of the box open, and the most evil and loathsome creature began to emerge. Standing nearly 20 feet tall, a hideous Werewolf looked down on Red and sneered.
“Red Dead Walking, hahahahaha!”
Red drew his pistol, and with a single shot the Werewolf folded in on itself and revealed the small quivering possum he knew as Hogweed.
“Red…..you look like the walking dead….go home and rest, frien-gaaaah.”

HOGWEED/GOAT has died and gone to the Graveyard. He was VANILLA TOWN.

A piercing sadness tore Red’s heart apart. The sweet innocent body of Hogweed lay still while gathering a fine coat of beautiful snowflakes. Red’s eyes burned with sorrowful tears and he looked at his pistol then placed the barrel to his temple. He drew back the hammer and without a second thought he pulled the trigger.
Red had forgotten the rest of the bullets back at his office.

1)Goat — (Not-so-Giant)Hogweed
2)Hayes — Klaus
3)InnDE — The Budweiser Frogs
4)sic — DWIGHT!!!
5)Annanomally — Peter Porker — JAILER
6)dw — Red Miller — SHERIFF
7)Lord Stoneheart — uh, John (Really JEB! but shhhhh)
8)Captain Video – Bert the Turtle
9)Shinichiki — Intense Chicken
10)April — A Sloth — MEDICAL EXAMINER
11)Mayelbridwen — A Bunch of Zombie Flies
12)Mac- Marty Stu MacCrocodile
13)Louie — Eleanor Bunny — MAYOR
14)moonstermash — Taylor
15)Library Lass — Nightmares
16)Owen — Heat Miser
17)Nick — Mickey Mouse
18)Sister Jude — Manic Pixie Death Girl
19)Lindsay — Jon Arbuckle
20)Thoughts — Mrs. Frisby


MAYOR — Heads the Town Council. Has veto power on any decisions made.
SHERIFF — Has six kill shots.
JAILER — Can protect/block a player each night.
MEDICAL EXAMINER — Can cure a player each night.

None of these actions can be used on the same player on successive Nights.
The Town Council Members share a QT and were protected from Night actions on their first Night in office. If a Council Member is killed at any point, they will be replaced the following Day by a new vote, and the new Council Member will be protected on their first Night in office too. Gage and Church share a QT also and were protected from Night actions on the first Night as well.
Please clap, and please make at least three comments per Chapter. Due to the nature of our game we’re going to ask players to be fairly tight lipped post-Twilight and post-death. No editing of comments and absolutely no quoting, direct or otherwise, of QTs without Mods’ approval. This will seriously be frowned upon!
This is a game, and it gets intense at times, so please remember to attack arguments not people or play styles.

Twilight will occur at 5pm PST or, I guess, 8pm EST 1/6/19.

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