Werewolves 81: Pet Sematary — Chapter 3

Red Miller was fucking sick.
The past week he’d been battling a serious case of the flu and just now was beginning to feel like he was winning. Maybe it was the rest and herbal tea. Maybe it was the high powered Theraflu Doc Sloth had given him. Maybe it was the flask of Mescal he had in his hip pocket. Whatever it was, Mayor Bun Bun had seen fit to give him his gun and bullets back. Red half stumbled out of the Courthouse and made his way through town. At Sub Street he took a right; he knew a shortcut to get home that would keep him out of site of any looky-loo Townies. At the end of the street he entered Possum Woods and followed the trail along Forget It Creek. As he made his way he caught site of a dancing light just off to his left.
“Da fuck?”
With his eyeballs jumping in his head he made his way over to the light. It was a giant campfire, and he heard singing.
“I’m Mr. Evil Heat Miser, I’m Mr. Gonna Kill Everyone!”
Red tripped on a log and fell into the clearing. An 80-foot giant with fiery red hair surrounded by mini versions of himself looked at Red with surprise.
“Hey buddy, do wanna set yourself on fire?”
Red screamed in terror, drew his gun with shaky hands, and managed to squeeze off a shot.
The giant wailed and fell into the fire.
“Why, Red, why…I just asked if you wanted to sit by my fire….glurgh.”
All of the giant’s Minions started wailing as well and threw themselves into the fire.
“I gotta get outta here!”
Red crouched, then stood, then began to make his way once more through the woods. He didn’t get far when a 90-foot shadow stepped out from behind a tree. Red nearly pissed himself when he saw it was a hideously grotesque version of Mickey Mouse.
“Hi there, friend,” Giant Mickey chirped. “I heard you want to shoot yourself in the head!”
“Gah!” Red drew his gun once again, and Giant Mickey fell with the single shot Red was able to get off.
“Oh no, Red!” Mickey sobbed. “Why why why…I heard gunshots and I was coming to…blurbble gurgle.”
Red was just about at his wit’s end. He tore through the rest of the woods until he got to his house, scrambled through the front door, and collapsed in the corner of the living room.
Heat Miser/Owen and Mickey Mouse/Nick are dead in the Graveyard. They were Vanilla Town.

Back at the morgue, A Sloth was asleep in the medical scale hanging above his autopsy table. He was dreaming about being in the Olympics and competing in the 1,000-Meter Dash. He heard a bang and began to make his way out of the starting block. Then he heard a second bang and some childish laughter…Wait a second, that can’t be right. A Sloth woke, startled, and tried to process what his bleary eyes were seeing. The morgue’s door was gently swinging back and forth, and below him were two empty gurneys. Each of them had white sheets deposited next to them on the floor.

1)Goat — (Not-so-Giant)Hogweed
2)Hayes — Klaus
3)InnDE — The Budweiser Frogs
4)sic — DWIGHT!!!
5)Annanomally — Peter Porker — JAILER
6)dw — Red Miller — SHERIFF
7)Lord Stoneheart — uh, John (Really JEB! but shhhhh)
8)Captain Video – Bert the Turtle
9)Shinichiki — Intense Chicken
10)April — A Sloth — MEDICAL EXAMINER
11)Mayelbridwen — A Bunch of Zombie Flies
12)Mac- Marty Stu MacCrocodile
13)Louie — Eleanor Bunny — MAYOR
14)moonstermash — Taylor
15)Library Lass — Nightmares
16)Owen — Heat Miser
17)Nick — Mickey Mouse
18)Sister Jude — Manic Pixie Death Girl
19)Lindsay — Jon Arbuckle
20)Thoughts — Mrs. Frisby


MAYOR — Heads the Town Council. Has veto power on any decisions made.
SHERIFF — Has six kill shots.
JAILER — Can protect/block a player each night.
MEDICAL EXAMINER — Can cure a player each night.

None of these actions can be used on the same player on successive Nights.
The Town Council Members share a QT and were protected from Night actions on their first Night in office. If a Council Member is killed at any point, they will be replaced the following Day by a new vote, and the new Council Member will be protected on their first Night in office too. Gage and Church share a QT also and were protected from Night actions on the first Night as well.
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This is a game, and it gets intense at times, so please remember to attack arguments not people or play styles.

Twilight will be at 9am PST/12pm EST 1/5/19