Werewolves 81: Pet Sematary – Prologue

New Year’s Eve
11:50 pm

The residents of Lupineville had gathered together in their downtown square to ring in the New Year.
And to hold a candlelight vigil.
It was bitterly cold as they huddled around the snow-capped stack of kindling, their unlit candles shaking in hands going numb.
Tom Johnson was late. As usual.

11:52 pm

Lucy Moran was warm and toasty in her office thank you very much yessirree!
She had the small space heater on blast.
She also had a now empty bottle of Oxycontin.
She lit her third cigarette in a row and gazed blearily around the smoke-filled space. Her usually upswept and perfectly coiffed blond hair hung in strings about her puffy and tear-stained face.
What the fuck had happened this past week?!?

11:55 pm

A red-faced Tom Johnson came huffing and puffing up to his fellow townies, a gas can slopping by his side.
“S-s-s-s-orry everyone! I got stuck in the driveway ’cause I forgot to plow it out like Ma told m-m-m-m-me. Dumb old Tom Johnson done it a-g-g-g-g-gin!”
He smiled at the freezing crowd and remembered the gas can at his side. Without further ado he turned and started splashing the gasoline all over the wood pile. When he had emptied the can he pulled out a box of safety matches and struck one.
“Stand b-b-b-b-b-back, everyone!”

11:57 pm

Lucy closed her eyes and immediately regretted it when her stomach began to do somersaults and her brain wiggled around in her skull. She fought back the urge to purge her guts of the Oxy because this was one fight she was determined to win.
The horrific events of the last week shuttered through her mind like an old Viewmaster, images of cut-up bodies slathered in gore. Herbie Hornbrook, the Jailer, splayed out like a ruined scarecrow on the bars of the jail cell. The Medical Examiner, Emile Franken, grotesquely opened up on his own autopsy table. And Maria Sauzo, the town’s Sheriff, handcuffed to her desk with a clown’s oversized smile sliced into her face.
Maria Sauzo, Lucy’s best friend and wife.
Hot tears streamed down Lucy’s face as she remembered the sights and smells of each bloody scene. As she began to fade away from this world she heard a whoosh and a cheer and saw a bright light flare through her window.
The sound of tiny footsteps and a child’s laughter echoed through her foggy thinking along with the hiss of that damned cat.
Lucy finally smiled.
“You’re too fucking late, you little fucking bastard!”

12:00 pm
With the bonfire roaring and their candles lit, the townies of Lupineville were able to briefly forget the troubles of the last week and instead revel in the hope for a better New Year. They were so caught up in the moment that no one even thought to wonder why Mayor Moran was not in attendance.
Tom Johnson drew a deep breath and, in a heart-meltingly beautiful tenor, began to sing.
“Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?”


Mayor Lucy Moran closed her tired eyes, drew a shallow shaky breath, and exhaled for the last time as she heard the door to her office open and then the voice of the cursed small child.
“Come play with me.”

Welcome to the Werewolf 81 — Pet Sematary (a hojake production) signups!!!
Now let’s get down to business.

MAYOR — Heads the Town Council. Has veto power on any decisions made.
SHERIFF — Has a kill shot each night.
JAILER — Can protect/block a player each night.
MEDICAL EXAMINER — Can cure a player each night.

Day One voting will not involve a String Up but instead an Election! The Vote Thread will consist of each position of the Town Council being voted on. Vote early and vote often! The Town Council will share a QT and will be protected from Night Attacks on the first night of sitting in office. If a Council Member is killed at any point they will be replaced the following day by a new vote and the new Council Member will be protected on their first night of office.
jake and I are looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 victims, um, I mean players. We’re asking for players to be very active during Day One so we can have a successful Election process. After that, three comments each Day is acceptable. Due to the nature of our game we’re going to ask players to be fairly tight lipped post-Twilight and post-Death. No editing of comments and absolutely no quoting, direct or otherwise, of QTs without Mods approval. This will seriously be frowned upon!
And that’s it! I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions that we may or may not answer. We’re looking for players who aren’t afraid of the unknown and are willing to go down a darkened alley…and to have fun!
This is a game, and it gets intense at times, so please remember to attack arguments not people or play styles.

Come play with us…
-<3 hoho and jake

If you pre-signed up, please confirm that you would still like to join in.

7)Lord Stoneheart
8)Captain Video
15)Library Lass
18)Sister Jude