Farewell 2018! Sunday Food Thread Waves Goodbye to 2018 and Looks Ahead to 2019, 12/30

Any exceptional food memories of the past year? Discover a new restaurant/style of cuisine/cooking tool/etc.? How about food resolutions, if you made them how did you do and were they realistic?  What are you looking forward to next year? Is there anything you’re excited about, a new local restaurant or market? On the other hand is there something that you’ve put in the rear-view mirror that you’re happy to not go back to again?

So many questions, I’m generally not that into a set time to do a reckoning of my life but this being the “New Year” and all it seems like as good a time as any. For me I’m on the fence to whether I want to hand off the weekly thread, I really do enjoy it and have some bit of pride that I’ve kept it up since the early days of the AV Club After Dark on Disqus, or up my game and work to make interesting, discussion-sparking threads (as if I can predict what will prompt discussions). I also have a bit of an idea about doing a food poll at some point.

To all of you regular commenters who’ve stuck with the thread I raise a glass and toast you! And of course I salute all of you who only drop in once in a while or are brand new to the thread.