Box Office: December 28-30

The final box office run of the year is here and while the five-day reporting is still to come since many people are off for what amounts to an extended weekend, we have a look at the three-day totals and estimates. It’s absolutely no surprise that Aquaman won its second frame as it brought in $51.5 million to bring it to just under $189 million since it debuted the weekend prior. The Christmas week was good for the film as the weekend to weekend was just a 23% dip. It did $67 million for its opening three-day which means its weekdays today was $71 million. It did $22 million on Christmas alone and while Christmas Eve was “weak” at just $11 million, the remainder of the week did $16.9 and $14.6 million to bring it to the total it’s at now.

Aquaman also did another $85 million overseas to bring the international to $560 million or a worldwide total of $748.8 million. It’s done a whopping $260 million in China so far.

Mary Poppins did 19% better than it did over the previous weekend for a $28.9 million three-day and on top of its weekday totals it’s just a hair under $99 million so far as Disney plays the long game with this. it’s at just under $75 million overseas and has a lot of markets to open in still.

Also impressive was Bumblebee as it dips just 5% in its second frame for a $20 million take. It didn’t have as strong a weekday run as Aquaman to be sure as it was doing between $3 to $9 million across the Monday-Thursday period.