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The Friday Politics Thread Lights Up The Night

Good morning everyone, and Happy Friday!

Looks like we avoided the Rapture last night, when a flashing blue glow in the night sky over Queens turned out to be a lame old exploding transformer.

Looks like we won’t get out of a Trump presidency that easily! Speaking of the Orange Gasbag, our president used troops in Iraq as a MAGA photo op, after sneaking in to the country and pissing just about everyone off. Now the country wants our troops out. So much winning.

Of course, Trump’s supporters will say that this is all part of Trump’s 10D chess playing to bring our troops home while making it look like the other countries themselves are the ones that really wanted it.

Oh yeah, and our government is still shut down. Did I already mention all of the winning?

Do not threaten Mayor McSquirrel!