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Job Rants Thread -12/28/2018 – The Crunch


Hey, all;’ Happy Friday –


Hope everyone who did is sufficiently recovered form their  holiday revels, and is able to put a fine point on everything, come Monday. To be perfectly frank, I planned ahead and took the rest of the week off so, by the time you read this, I’ll probably back in bed reading the latest Dresden Files book or wiping for the 47th time at the goddamn fucking troll fortress in Pathfinder: Kingmaker who the hell programmed the random number generator into that–

Sorry. Moving on.

I wasn’t originally going to have a topic this week, and just let everyone do their own thing, (which of course, you still can) but then I got to thinking: The only reason I was even able to take the time off is that, in the month prior to the holiday, I pulled more than a few late nights to make sure everything was caught up and squared away; especially before the end-of-year turnover.

While, thankfully, my company doesn’t make me do that as a matter of course, the fact remains that, more often than not, the end of year crunch is inevitable; adding the deadline of the holiday season onto what’s often a large pile of too many others.

Hopefully, it’s not the same for you all but, if it is, here’s the place to talk about it. (Assuming, of course, your keyboard is not obscured by paperwork)

As ever, have a safe and productive day, safe trip home, great weekend and, assuming you can get through Monday, a wonderful New Years. God, looking back on it, now, April seems like ages ago, but I appreciate you all taking this weird little ride with me. It’s been a rewarding experience for me to be able to write, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as me.

May 2019 bring us all a little less to rant about; but, should it not, remember: there’s always an open table.