St. Stephen/Boxing Day Thread

Good morning!

I hope that you and your friends and loved ones had a great Christmas holiday.

Today’s thread commemorates St. Stephen (my namesake) and Boxing Day, both celebrated on December 26th.

St Stephen –

Saint Stephen was one of the first ordained deacons of the Church. He was also the first Christian martyr. St. Stephen is often depicted with stones, a Gospel Book, a miniature church and a martyr’s palm frond. He is the patron saint of Altar Servers, bricklayers, casket makers and deacons

Boxing Day 

Boxing Day takes place on December 26th and is only celebrated in a few countries; mainly ones historically connected to the UK (such as Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand) and in some European countries. In Germany it is known as “Zweite Feiertag” (which means ‘second celebration’) and also “Zweiter Weihnachtsfeiertag” which translates as Boxing Day (although it doesn’t literally mean that)!

The march to 2019 begins now! Have a great day