Sports Corner – December 26, 2018

Yesterday belonged to the NBA.  Today, at least in the UK, belongs to the EPL.  But the bulk of the week belongs to college football, with the semifinals on Saturday and a slew of bowl games surrounding them.  From what I can tell, there is very little buzz about the games this week, with everyone sure that Alabama and Clemson are shoo-ins to meet once more.  Appropriate, I suppose, for a year where other dominant powers in other sports won titles.  But at least we can hope that Notre Dame and Oklahoma put up fights.

Elsewhere, NFL Coach Firing Day is near, Harper and Machado are still free agents (though I suspect that changes soon after the new year), Luka Doncic is ridiculous, and the Islanders went 3-1 on a west coast swing so I am happy about something.  As always, all sports topics are welcome.  And if you to look back on 2018 in sports, feel free.