Beeboverse Crossovers Discussion

Hello and welcome!

For me, the first 2 major crossovers are about as good and the next 2 get progressively and significantly worse.

Flash vs Arrow = Heroes Join Forces > Invasion! > Crisis on Earth-X

Elseworlds is about as good as Invasion!


My favorite minor crossover is the one where Barry meets Kara.


A few crossovers I’d like to see:


1. Metahuman and/or alien organized crime ring (2-3 series)

2. Krypton (Earth 1 and/or Earth-38) (LoT/Supergirl and maybe another)

3. Kandor (LoT/Supergirl)

4. Time criminals (3-4 series)

5. Something like “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly”


Favorite major crossover? Least favorite major crossover? Favorite minor crossover? What crossovers would you like to see?


Happy Beebo Day!