Hilda’s Day Thread

The other day I happened a “Top 18 Animated Shows of 2018” list, and it was a pretty good looking list with some newer series I’ve really enjoyed like She-Ra and Craig of the Creek… and yet, the best new animated series of 2018 was nowhere to be found. Which suggests to me that not enough of the internet has heard— YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH HILDA!


Hilda is a 2018 Netflix series based on a series of British graphic novels by Luke Pearson, following the adventures of a young girl in a world where magical creatures and humans interact pretty casually. It’s basically the perfect show to cozy up with during this cold holiday season- it’s beautifully illustrated look  and chill vibe make it an entirely relaxing viewing experience. Filled with imaginative design and wonderful voice acting, the show is relentlessly charming and cute.



To me this show combines Gravity Falls’ style of mystery & comedy with Steven Universe‘s sense of sweetness and kindness. I really can’t imagine anyone who appreciates animated shows not having their socks knocked off by this one.