Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 25: Legs From Here to Homeworld

It’s been a long time, but we’re finally here! Diamond Days is upon us! Even though this episode was released five months ago (wow that felt like eons), since it’s now officially airing we can finally discuss it.

Quick rundown, after a climatic fight between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds, Steven finally gets the chance to explain of Pink Diamonds true fate. Well, after much crying tears of joy from yours truly Blue, Steven explains in greater detail the fate of Pink. Which doesn’t seem to compute with the Diamonds, who still believe he is Pink (though with no memories). They’re also surprised to know Pink survived at all, in their belief that their attack decimated all life on Earth.

Leading the way, Steven shows the Diamonds the real effect their light did. Returning to the ruined Homeworld ship, he shows them Centipeedle, and explains the corrupted gems and their broken minds. Unable to heal her broken mind on his own, Steven asks that Diamonds for help. Through their unity, Yellow giving back form, Blue restoring the mind, and Steven calming her soul, she reforms back into Nephrite (voiced by Aparna Nancherla). But the effect lacks permanence, and both Blue and Yellow reluctantly say they must get the help of one other, White Diamond.

Without ship, Blue inquires if Steven still has “his ship”. Returning to Rose’s Junkyard, Steven discovers that the large, pink arches, are the legs of gigantic pair trousers! (Wallace got nothing on this). Through these stellar slacks, Steven, Connie, the Crystal Gems, and the Diamonds make their back to Homeworld. With Bismuth staying behind to watch over the temple and an unformed Lapis and Peridot.

Landing, they find a massive welcoming party, chanting Pink Diamond’s name. Witnessing the massive crowd, they are met with White Diamond’s Pearl (voiced not by Deedee Magno Hall, won’t spoil it just yet), who greet them in a robotic and unsettling tone. Taking Steven, White Pearl bubbles and shows him to White Diamond herself (voiced by Christine Ebersole, who also voices White Pearl). White, like the Diamonds, still see him as Pink. But theirs an unsettling atmosphere to her illuminating visage. She talks down to Steven like a mother would roll her eyes at another antic her teenage child would commit, before sending them to their room. Quite literally, as Steven is once again bubbled and taken to a pink room, ending our first episode of the Diamond Days arc.

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