Scott OT #154: The Night Thread Engages Ridley, Mother Fucker (12/17)

The original Metroid for the NES had many cheat codes, the most famous being the “JUSTIN BAILEY” cheat. However, one of the more infamous cheats is the “ENGAGE RIDLEY MOTHER FUCKER.” Typing in this code for Metroid on the NES basically makes the game unplayable. All you can do is run around the first screen and that’s it.

Image result for ridley metroid

However, if you type in the code in the 3DS release of Metroid… shit gets bad. Not only does this make Metroid unplayable, it fucking bricks your 3DS! So 3DS, don’t do it, it just ends badly.

Image result for ridley metroid
(what this code does to your 3DS)

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.