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Job Rants Thread – 12/14/2018 – Facts and Figures


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


So, in lieu of a topic this week, I thought I’d present some interesting statistics regarding unemployment in 2018. (In the the U.S, anyway. Any Internatiocados want to chime in with information regarding such from their end, feel free) Now, I know that, if there’s one thing the Avocado commentariat goes crazy for, it’s data and analysis but, try to hold back the enthusiasm if you can; this is both interesting and educational.

The original article this information was taken from can be found here:

At the End of 2008 the Unemployed Rate was 5%

And I remember being part of it. At the time, the company I was under contract with was renegotiating said contract with the government, and we weren’t sure if we were going to be back. I’ll admit not being as concerned as many of my other co-workers, as I hated the job, but that was me in my 20’s. Was it the same for anyone else?

By the end of 2011, 2.7 Million (10%-ish) Americans Were Unemployed

“By the end of 2011, the unemployment rate reached a record high of 2.7 million people; this number was the highest that the unemployment rate had reached in 17 years.”

Also, me; yeah, I know. In my defense, I had just moved back to Boston and I was still getting the lay of the land. Thankfully, I was able to find a job within the next few months while earning some extra cash on commissions but, as someone who was about to hit 30, reality was catching up in a big, big way.

“Within a three-month period, specifically from November 2013 to February 2014, the number of people who were unemployed in the United States dropped from 77,000 to a whopping 2.24 million.”

And yes, By that point, I was safely entrenched in my current position…For better or worse.


America Has Lost 7.5 Million Jobs Since 2008

Hard to believe the Great Recession began over 10 years ago. Especially with much of its’ effect still felt in many places.


Unemployed Rate is Current 9.5% and Hasn’t Changed In a Year*

*(As of the article’s publishing in September, 2018)

From the article: “This means approximately 15 million people in the United States are officially unemployed.”

Sobering thought.


The Average American Spends 33 weeks looking for a job when unemployed

“…an unemployed worker in the United States will spend 231 days out 365 days in the year searching for employment.”

…Yup! That’s what I sure did, back in ’08, uh-huh! Nose to the grindstone, beating the pavement, following every lead. I sure didn’t spend hours on end grinding for gear components in World of Warcraft, or waiting until after midnight to do a Raid because that’s when my guild could get together; nosiree bob!

Seriously though, I’m still in recovery.


For Every Job Opening There are 6 Unemployed People

“For every job opening, whether it is an opening for a new job or existing job, there are approximately five unemployed workers in the United States who will be competing to fill the role. To add to this problem, an individual who has been unemployed for under five weeks is three times more likely than an individual who has been unemployed for more than five weeks to obtain full-time employment.”

Though things might be on the upswing, it’s still very much a Buyer’s Market in favor of employers.


Interesting information, wouldn’t you say? While this space is typically reserved for venting and complaining about our various positions, I think it’s also equally as important at times to be able to take a step back and remind ourselves that things could be worse.

That said however, work still sucks. On-principle, anyway, so if you have anything you want to get off of your chest, go for it. As always, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and good weekend. And remember: For anyone out there currently looking for or preparing to look for a job, it might seem daunting, but keep the faith; we’re all pulling for you.