Sports Corner – December 12, 2018

Congrats to the newest additions to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Lee Smith and Harold Baines.  The latter’s election has caused quite the stir as very few, even Baines, actually thought his numbers were good enough. And some are once again questioning the very legitimacy of the Hall.  But I don’t mind the occasional outlier, and he’s definitely not the worst player added by the various committees that try to fill in the gaps left by the baseball writers who do the bulk of the voting.   Besides, come July the only inductee anyone will care about is Mariano.

Elsewhere, the Warriors are “Sportsperson of the Year,” which sounds like it confirms that team is realyl the Borg collective of the NBA; the Miami Miracle is a thing now; winter baseball meetings are happening even as we speak; and Atlanta won the MLS Cup.  Feel free to discuss these topics, and more!