Voyage of the Damned Day Thread (12/11)

It’s December so I’m doing some Open Threads on Doctor Who Christmas specials.

The first one I’ve selected is Voyage of the Damned.054A5924-E9FA-48EA-B732-A23FA4D11C3A

It was the show’s third Christmas special since its revival and the third Christmas special starring Tennant as the Doctor. It also starred Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue, who plays the waitress Astrid Peth.43730DB3-D3EA-47EC-9EA1-267B1CEA1E10

Basic synopsis: a spacecraft (named the Titanic) set on an apocalyptic collision course with Earth, a host of killer robot angels and an evil severed headed mastermind.447E06C0-F088-4C28-88D9-35288D79831E