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Politics Thread Self-Evaluation

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This survey is being conducted by the Avocado Mod Team to help hear and address concerns to make the Politics Thread healthier. All credit for the survey setup and questions goes to HobbesMkii, who volunteered his time and expertise to get this set up. If this goes well, we’re hoping to expand this to the OT as a way to improve the site in general.

We welcome any and all feedback related to the questions below. This survey should take you up to 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your response. It has six open-ended questions.

While the survey is anonymous and will be reported back to the community as an aggregated response, please be aware that some responses may be directly quoted for demonstrative purposes, and thus it may be possible for others to identify you (or suspect they’ve identified you) based on sentence phrasings or previously stated concerns particular to you.

Please be as open as possible within your comfort zone with your concerns: we want this to be a way to make the PT even better than it already is, and need honest responses for that!

We’re going to keep this thread closed so that we don’t introduce any kind of bias into the answers with discussion here.

PT Survey Link