Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Dec. 10

Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Dec. 10 – Introducing today’s contestants:

– Francesco, a tactical support analyst from Pennsylvania, was a guide in historic Philly;
– Swetha, a Ph.D. student from Connecticut, as a child would only walk in a toy store; and
– Staci, a CPA from Washington state, only wants tile saws she asks for. Staci is a one-day champ with winnings of $29,201.

Competitive contest in which two out of three DDs were missed, and the player who didn’t find any DDs come out on top going into FJ, with Francesco at $14,600, Staci with $12,400 and Swetha at $7,200.

DD1 – BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNER – In 1996, what they don’t realize is that Ralph Fiennes’ character is really Hungarian (Staci lost $1,200 on a true DD.)

DD2 – BANK OF THE UNITED STATES – Jeffersonians killed the first bank, but it returned 4 years later after this war wrecked U.S. finances (Swetha won $1,000)

DD3 – UNUSUAL-LOOKING ANIMALS – “Yes-yes”, this nocturnal lemur seen here uses an elongated finger to pry insects from trees (Swetha lost $4,000)

FJ – 2-WORD WORLD CAPITALS – From 1936 to 1941 this city was the capital of Italian East Africa

Francesco and Swetha were correct on FJ, with Francesco adding $10,201 to win with $24,801.

Triple Stumpers of the day: No one knew the “movie czar” with the long-running censorship code was Will Hays, or that the sax genius knows as “Yardbird” was Charlie Parker.

This day in Trebekistan: Alex defiantly introduced the “I’m Not Retiring!” category by saying “Let’s settle that”, even though Trebek himself was fueling the speculation by publicly saying he might not return when his contract was up.

Judging the writers: That “I’m Not Retiring!” category was part of the trend by the writers to do “Potpourri” without calling it that by adding a gimmick to tenuously tie the clues together.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is “The English Patient”?
DD2 – What is the War of 1812?
DD3 – What is aye-aye?
FJ – What is Addis Ababa?