Scott OT #153: The Night Thread of Sally’s Birthday (12/8)

10 years ago today, two golden retrievers named Rex and Ginger had a litter of puppies. Sadly, Ginger passed after giving birth to the last puppy. Said last puppy was a clumsy girl who loves to eat. I know this because that puppy was Sally!!!


My little golden angel is ten now and still acts like she’s a little puppy. She’s a lovable girl that’s very photogenic.


She had a little cancer battle this year but she thankfully beat it. The worst she had to deal with was wearing a cone of shame:


She has a love/hate relationship with Beavis. Sometimes, they’re at each other’s throats:

Beavis and Sally2

Other times, they’re doing stuff like this:

Beavis and Sally

I love here so much.

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.

Also, as a bonus, those photoshops Werdup made of Sally wearing hats!!