Muppet Casting: It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s time for another round of Muppet Casting, where we take a famous movie and ask, if Jim Henson’s Muppets made their own version of it (in the vein of The Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island), which Muppets would you cast in the lead roles?

It’s Christmas time again! And to celebrate that hap-happiest season of all, we’re going to be Muppet Casting the Holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life!


Kermit the Frog as George Bailey – Obvious choice is obvious. The perennial nice guy who’s always trying to keep this two-bit operation afloat, but is frequently driven mad with frustration by all the problems thrown his way? Kermit could slip into that role like a glove.

Miss Piggy as Mary – Personality-wise, Piggy is a better fit for Violet Bick, but I think people might revolt if someone other than Piggy were made Kermit’s endgame love partner.

Fozzie Bear as Uncle Billy – Fozzie’s particular brand of simple-mindedness is a very good fit for the perpetually scatter-brained Uncle Billy, and since he’s George’s closest partner at the Building & Loan, we’ll get plenty of scenes of Kermit and Fozzie bouncing off each other.

Rowlf the Dog as Sam Wainwright – The one resident of Bedford Falls who can be both financially successful yet also a decent, friendly, and happy human being. I think Rowlf’s one of the few Muppets who could be given so much money to command without it changing him much, if at all.

Statler & Waldorf as Messrs. Potter & Potter – This would be pure gold. Potter spends the entire movie just absolutely fed up with George Bailey and his heroic efforts, casting acidic remarks from the seat of his chair. Heck, there’s a lot of his dialogue you wouldn’t even need to change. “You once called me a warped, twisted old man.” “While you were a warped, twisted young man!” “DO HO HO HO HO HO HO!”

Gonzo the Great as Clarence – As a further demonstration of George’s luck, he gets a third-class guardian angel who’s a complete oddball, but is still a genuinely nice guy who’ll help the hero out in his own, weird way. Seems like a fantastic role for Gonzo.

and, of course,

Bert & Ernie as Bert & Ernie – Supposedly, It’s a Wonderful Life having two characters named Bert and Ernie, who share a scene together, and address each other by name in quick succession, has nothing to do with the comedic duo of Bert & Ernie being created for Sesame Street decades later. Whether that’s true or not, the names being the same is too rich not to lean into.


Those are my picks for a Muppet rendition of It’s a Wonderful Life. What are yours?

And be sure to check back in next week, everyone, for the SERIES FINALE of Muppet Casting! See you then!