The Craftocado – Gifting

Happy Thursday, Craftocados!

First and foremost: Whatcha makin’ this week?

Our discussion this week is about crafting and gifting. Many of you made things for Giftmas, or are up to your eyeballs in trying to have things done for the rapidly approaching holiday season. And I assume most of us have made things for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding or baby showers, graduations, house warmings, office gifts, or heck, just because.

  1. Are you especially proud of anything you’ve made for someone else?
  2. Do you have any go to crafted gifts that you return to again and again?
  3. Have you ever made anything for someone who seemed… less than appreciative?
  4. Or, the flipside brought up by Count of Anti-Christo last week, have you ever tossed off a quickie gift without thinking much of it, only to have it be much more meaningful to the recipient than you anticipated?


Every civilized society needs rules of order. Here are ours:

  1. Be kind. If someone asks for genuine feedback on something they’ve made, be honest but keep your feedback constructive. We’re here to support each other’s efforts.