Still Watching: Vikings

Let’s see how this idea goes.  There are lots of shows out there that are no where near as good as they once were – but they go on and we keep watching them.  Shameless, Homeland (really anything on Showtime, can’t wait for season 10 of Billions) and in this instance, Vikings.  This was once a fantastic show, Travis Fimmel was so magnetic as Ragnar Lothbrok, that his death – necessary as it was to keep the plot semi-historical – has left the show with a hole that it hasn’t been able to fill.  Meanwhile, it seems show runner Michael Hirst knows this but rather than create a unified, exciting story line he’s keeping other characters from the first few brilliant seasons; Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha and Gustaf Skarsgard’s Floki most notably, around long after their narrative usefulness has passed.  Perhaps to try and fill the star void caused by Fimmel’s absence, Hirst also brought in long-time collaborator Jonathan Rhys Meyers to chew scenery and look sexy, but once again for little narrative purpose.  Yet I continue to watch.  The show is wonderfully filmed, the battle scenes are always good and I really want to see how they are going to handle the Alfred the Great vs. the Great Heathen Army story line that we really should be in the middle of right now, rather than bogged down in court intrigue in England, Norway and for some inexplicable reason – Iceland.

Is anybody else still watching Vikings? What do you think?  Do you have hope it can get back on track?