Following a villainous altercation gone wrong, Fred Myers, a.k.a. Boomerang, sees an opportunity to get the law off his back for good by declaring himself a newly reformed superhero! But going straight isn’t easy when you still owe a debt to the Kingpin of crime himself, Wilson Fisk! Or when you just… don’t really want to.


Splash Page:

Through a cloud of smoke and showers of sparks, we see the remains of a torn-up A-Team van sitting on a Manhattan street. Inside that van are huddled BOOMERANG, SANDMAN, ROCKET RACER, and the LIVING BRAIN. Near one of the wheel wells, a small fire starts to spread. Boomerang stares out the hole in the van at the commotion around them.


CAPTION: So this is bad.

CAPTION: Let’s recap.


Panel 1:

Inside the Baxter Building, the THING directs a small army of security personnel as they engage in a sweep of the building.


CAPTION: — fine, your teammates —

CAPTION:  — just risked life and limb to snatch the digitized brain of Doctor Octopus out from under the noses of the Fantastic Four.

Panel 2:

OVERDRIVE weaves through traffic on a souped-up motorcycle, clutching one of Spider-Man’s web-shooters in his hand.

CAPTION: Only for your getaway driver to interpret his job title way too loosely, and make off with all your hard-earned loot.

CAPTION: Under different circumstances… you’d respect the hell out of that.

Panel 3:

Somewhere in San Francisco, the massive figure of the KINGPIN sits at his desk, cigar smoke curling around his shadowed face.

CAPTION: But it just so happens that this particular loot is the Get-Out-Of-Death-Free Card that you desperately need to stop the Kingpin from slapping a Galactus-sized target on your back.

Panel 4:

Back in the van, BOOMERANG looks over his shoulder at SANDMAN and ROCKET RACER, the latter of whom is shouting something.

CAPTION: And you can’t even ask your teammates for help, because as far as they’re concerned, you’re now a full-on good guy who only wants the brain so he can give it to S.H.I.E.L.D.

CAPTION: Which is all to say… things aren’t going great.


Panel 1:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, continuing to stare out of the van and looking a bit worried.

CAPTION: But hey! Don’t panic.

CAPTION: You’re Boomerang. And you know what they say about Boomerangs —

Panel 2:

Same framing. BOOMERANG starts to smile.

CAPTION: They always come back around in the end.

Panel 3:

Same framing. BOOMERANG’S brow wrinkles again.

CAPTION: Well, unless you make a mistake when throwing it.

CAPTION: Or literally any obstacle gets in its way.

CAPTION: You know what, that was a bad choice of metaphor.

Panel 4:

ROCKET RACER grabs BOOMERANG by the shoulders and spins him around. Boomerang snaps out of his trance-like ruminations to the sounds of sirens, vehicles, flames, and shouts.



SOUND EFFECT: *Woooop! Woooop! Woooop!*


SOUND EFFECT: *snap, crackle, pop*

Panel 5:

Reverse shot of BOOMERANG, seen over ROCKET RACER’S shoulder, looking shaken.

SOUND EFFECT: *Screeeeeeeee–*


ROCKET RACER: What do we do?

Panel 6:

Chewing his lip, BOOMERANG turns his gaze out to the street, appearing to think…

Panel 7:

And jumps out of the van.


Panel 1:

Large panel. BOOMERANG runs toward the foreground in a panic, leaving SANDMAN and ROCKET RACER behind in the getaway vehicle.

At the bottom of the panel is the issue’s title:


Panel 2:

From inside the van, ROCKET RACER and SANDMAN watch BOOMERANG take off into the sky with his rocket boots.

SOUND EFFECT: *fooooooooooom*

Panel 3:

Same framing. As the smoke from Boomerang’s boots starts drifting away in the wind, ROCKET RACER and SANDMAN turn to look at one another.

ROCKET RACER: Well, ****, I coulda thought of that.


Panel 1:

Wide shot of the van interior. SANDMAN perks up at the sound of approaching sirens. LIVING BRAIN scans the area.


SANDMAN: Cops’ll be here any minute.

LIVING BRAIN: Whirr–click-ik — Estimated arrival window: 70 seconds.

Panel 2:

Extreme close-up. Sandman holds out a vial of blue liquid to Rocket Racer.

SANDMAN (OFF-PANEL): Rocket Racer, you’ve got a rocket-powered skateboard. Use it.

SANDMAN (OFF-PANEL): Take… whatever this is we lifted… and get out of here.

Panel 3:

Wide shot of the trio. ROCKET RACER points to both SANDMAN and the LIVING BRAIN with one hand each.

ROCKET RACER: No way! What about you? What about him?

SANDMAN: Living Brain’s stolen property. He won’t be in any trouble. And I doubt they’re equipped to hold me.

ROCKET RACER: I’m not leaving without you, Sandman.

Panel 4:

Close-up of LIVING BRAIN.

LIVING BRAIN: Whirr–clik-ik — Agreement: The most effective course of action is for all of us to leave now.

Panel 5:

SANDMAN steps out of the van onto the street, while over his shoulder ROCKET RACER continues to argue.

SANDMAN: I got you into this. Now I’m getting you out of it.

SANDMAN: You don’t deserve to go to prison, Bob.

ROCKET RACER: Neither do you!

SANDMAN: You don’t know that.

Panel 6:

Medium shot of the LIVING BRAIN, looking out the van’s rear window.


LIVING BRAIN: Whirr–click-ick– Re-analysis: There is an 87.1% chance William “Flint Marko” Baker’s plan will be unnecessary.

Panel 7:

Outside the van, SANDMAN looks off-panel in surprise. ROCKET RACER leans his head out of the jagged hole in the side of the vehicle.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): Hey, fellas.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): Looks like you could use a ride.


Panel 1:

Boomerang’s apartment. A suitcase lies open on the sofa as BOOMERANG fills it with as many possessions as he can find. Behind him, the broken doorframe is held shut by a kitchen stool, haphazardly laid down in front of it. Off to the side, a television broadcasts the late-breaking news.

NEWS ANCHOR: …just over an hour ago. While a complete inventory is still being taken, we are told that the culprit has been positively identified as Kl’rt, the Super-Skrull.

CAPTION: Well, that was a freebie.

Panel 2:

Close-up of Boomerang’s suitcase. Among its current contents: a few pairs of underwear, a baseball and catcher’s mitt, a bottle of cheap whiskey, a paperback copy of A Game of Thrones in immaculate condition, and a DVD of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

CAPTION: You should still have enough hidden away for a plane ticket.

CAPTION: The real question is, where the hell do you go when Wilson ******* Fisk is chasing you?

Panel 3:

Close-up of Boomerang’s hand scanning a bookshelf. He settles on a copy of Don Quixote.

CAPTION: Bagalia’s the easy answer, but the supervillain capital of the world is… well, it’s also the killing-people-for-money capital of the world.

CAPTION: And, unrelated, I am way too far in the red with way too many people there.

Panel 4:

Close-up. Boomerang opens Don Quixote to reveal that the pages have been carved out to house a large wad of cash.

CAPTION: Latveria would be perfect if it weren’t basically unreachable.

CAPTION: And if I went to Symkaria I’d have to learn…

Panel 5:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG. He looks up and off into the distance, his brow furrowed.

CAPTION: I want to say Simlish, but that can’t be right.

Panel 6:

Wide shot. SANDMAN barges in through the hastily ‘locked’ door as BOOMERANG spins around in terror, scattering the cash. ROCKET RACER and the LIVING BRAIN follow Sandman into the apartment.


SANDMAN: Dammit, Fred!

Panel 7:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, a phony smile on his face.

BOOMERANG: Ha-hey! You’re all right! Thank God.

BOOMERANG: I was worried you didn’t hear me when I yelled out the rendezvous–

Panel 8:

Same angle on BOOMERANG, but now SANDMAN’S sand arm has extended into the frame to choke him.



Panel 1:

SANDMAN advances toward BOOMERANG, holding him aloft by the neck. ROCKET RACER fidgets awkwardly at this act of violence. The LIVING BRAIN stands silent and unreadable.

SANDMAN: What the hell was that.



Panel 2: 

Rushing in through the door, elbowing ROCKET RACER and the LIVING BRAIN out of the way, comes none other than BIG WHEEL.


CAPTION: Ugh. This guy, right?

Panel 3:

BIG WHEEL squares himself to SANDMAN and stares him down. Sandman turns his head to meet Big Wheel’s eyeline, but otherwise doesn’t move, nor does he put BOOMERANG down.

BIG WHEEL: Look at me. Look at me! Put him down.

CAPTION: Oh, wait. Withdrawn.

BIG WHEEL: Who am I speaking to right now?

BIG WHEEL: Because to me he looks a lot like Flint Marko.

BIG WHEEL: Let me see William Baker.

Panel 4:

Close-up of SANDMAN, his face locked in a grimace.

Panel 5:

Same close-up. SANDMAN closes his eyes and sighs.


Panel 6:

Wide shot. SANDMAN lets go of BOOMERANG, who slides down the wall into a heap on the floor. BIG WHEEL nods in satisfaction.

BIG WHEEL: There we go.



Panel 1:

BIG WHEEL stands over BOOMERANG, addressing both him and SANDMAN.

BIG WHEEL: Remember what I told you on the way here? Hurt people hurt people.

BIG WHEEL: That goes for the both of you. None of this behavior is coming from a healthy place.

Panel 2:

Rough two-shot. From behind BIG WHEEL, ROCKET RACER tries to chime in.

ROCKET RACER: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but —

BIG WHEEL: If I wanted your input, I would have asked.


Panel 3:

Low angle shot. BOOMERANG looks up in awe at BIG WHEEL, who extends a hand to help Boomerang to his feet.


BOOMERANG: You actually came back.

BIG WHEEL: Of course. That’s what friends do.

Panel 4:

BIG WHEEL gets BOOMERANG upright and straightens his clothes for him. LIVING BRAIN and SANDMAN observe from a ways off.

BOOMERANG: I’ll take your word for it.

LIVING BRAIN: Whirr–clik-ik– Jackson Wheele is correct. Friends are traditionally characterized as loyal and/or dependable.

BIG WHEEL: Thank you, Living Brain.

LIVING BRAIN: You are welcome, Jackson Wheele.

SANDMAN: If I may repeat my question —

SANDMAN: What. The hell. Was that?

Panel 5:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, scowling bitterly.

BOOMERANG: What was that?

BOOMERANG: That was life kicking me in the gut while I’m down. Again. That’s what that was.

Panel 6:

Wide shot of the whole group. BOOMERANG rubs the back of his head.

BOOMERANG: You know I went to Overdrive specifically because he was the last person I’d expect to do this?

ROCKET RACER: Uh huh. I think Sandman was referring more to the way that you ran away and left us for the cops.


BOOMERANG: Oh. Yeah. I’m, uh… not proud of that.


Panel 1:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, looking shockingly sincere as he explains himself.

BOOMERANG: Look, I’m barely five days into this whole ‘hero’ thing, right? You expect me to be perfect? Or even good, for that matter?

SANDMAN (OFF-PANEL): I would like you to be good at it, yes.

BOOMERANG: You of all people, Flint, should understand how hard it can be to shake your… scummier instincts.

BOOMERANG: And I swear on my life that none of it was personal.

Panel 2:

Medium shot of SANDMAN, sighing.

SANDMAN: I don’t know if it makes me feel better or worse that I actually believe you.

Panel 3:

Two-shot of BOOMERANG and SANDMAN. Sandman leans in menacingly.

SANDMAN: I can forgive trusting Overdrive.

SANDMAN: But let me tell you right now, Fred — I’m nobody’s fall guy.

SANDMAN: Understood?

Panel 4:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, trying his best to smile, rather than look terrified.

CAPTION: Maybe Wakanda will take me in if I chop one of my arms off.

BOOMERANG: Copy that, old pal.

Panel 5:

ROCKET RACER steps between BOOMERANG and SANDMAN, breaking the tension.

ROCKET RACER: If I can ask a question of my own… what exactly is our next move?

BOOMERANG: I’m sorry?

ROCKET RACER: Well, we are still going after the brain, right?

ROCKET RACER: If you didn’t trust it with the Fantastic Four, there’s no way we’re gonna let a supervillain have it.

Panel 6:

Close-up of a smirking BOOMERANG.

BOOMERANG: I mean, Overdrive’s not exactly a supervillain.


Panel 1:

BOOMERANG puts a finger to his lips thoughtfully. Behind him, BIG WHEEL holds up a hand.

BOOMERANG: Overdrive’s… not at all a supervillain.

BIG WHEEL: Fred, I know you’re feeling hurt, but as a general rule, personal attacks are not a good defense mechanism.

Panel 2:

Close-up of BOOMERANG. He’s putting the pieces together.

BOOMERANG: No, I’m serious.

BOOMERANG: Overdrive doesn’t want to be a villain. He’s always wanted to be a hero.

Panel 3:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, jabbing a finger into his palm. BIG WHEEL stands off to the side. Behind them, ROCKET RACER has started poking through Boomerang’s suitcase and pulls out the Game of Thrones book.

BOOMERANG: I know I’m hardly the best character witness, but he is a good guy. And he’s definitely no criminal mastermind.

BOOMERANG: If he did this, it’s only because he got in over his head with someone.

ROCKET RACER: Okay. I can buy that.

Panel 4:

Wide shot with BIG WHEEL, ROCKET RACER, and BOOMERANG all visible. Boomerang shrugs.

ROCKET RACER: But who out there has leverage on him?


BOOMERANG: Oh, I dunno.

Panel 5:

BIG WHEEL sighs, ROCKET RACER crosses his arms, and SANDMAN pinches the bridge of his nose angrily.

SANDMAN: ****, Fred, if you don’t know, how the hell is that supposed to help us?

ROCKET RACER: We literally just met the guy. Aren’t you, like, his best friend?

Panel 6:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, scoffing at the thought.


Panel 7:

Same close-up. He considers it a bit more.


Panel 8:

Same close-up. He looks back at Rocket Racer with a touch of sadness in his face.

BOOMERANG: Oh God. I hope not.


Panel 1:

OVERDRIVE sits timidly in a chair in what appears to be the back office of a Chinese restaurant.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): I’ll be honest – when I received word that you, of all people, were knocking at my door, I thought the messenger was joking.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): I almost had him killed for wasting my time.

Panel 2:

Medium shot of the man speaking. He leans forward across the desk, his hands folded. He is menacing, but still civil. His pitch-black face offers a sharp contrast to his pure white suit and equally white hair.


MISTER NEGATIVE: Bear that in mind when choosing your next words.

Panel 3:

Two-shot. OVERDRIVE begins to speak, but winces as MISTER NEGATIVE barks at him.




OVERDRIVE: I’ve come to settle my debt with you. Permanently.

Panel 4:

Medium shot. MISTER NEGATIVE folds his hands thoughtfully in front of his face.

MISTER NEGATIVE: You’ve sung me this song before, Overdrive.1

MISTER NEGATIVE: I did not enjoy the ending.

MISTER NEGATIVE: Or am I to understand that you have located the head of Silvio Silvermane a second time?

Panel 5:

OVERDRIVE looks down at the ground, nervous and more than a little embarrassed.



Panel 6:

This time MISTER NEGATIVE leans back, gesturing openly.

MISTER NEGATIVE: Perhaps you’ve come into possession of a different priceless object. The true face of Victor Von Doom, was it?2


Panel 1:

Medium shot of OVERDRIVE, briefly excited.

OVERDRIVE: You know I did actually have that for a hot minute!

Panel 2:

Two shot. OVERDRIVE again looks awkwardly away. MISTER NEGATIVE seems almost amused.

OVERDRIVE: But, uh… Doom… well, he wanted it back.

MISTER NEGATIVE: How unfortunate.

Panel 3:

MISTER NEGATIVE lays his hands flat on the desk, getting down to business. OVERDRIVE holds his own hands up defensively.

MISTER NEGATIVE: Young man, if your goal here is assisted suicide, let it be known that I do not approve.

OVERDRIVE: It’s not. I have something real this time, I promise! And it’s good. Way better than either of those. Or at least the painting.

MISTER NEGATIVE: I’m listening.

Panel 4:

Close-up of OVERDRIVE, smiling confidently. He holds up the web-shooter.

OVERDRIVE: I’ve brought you the brain of Otto Octavius.

Panel 5:

Reverse shot. MISTER NEGATIVE puts his hand to his face, quite stoic.

Panel 6:

Medium shot of MISTER NEGATIVE. He holds out one hand, fingers spread flat. On his face is a look of near concern.

MISTER NEGATIVE: You do realize you can pay me back with cash, right?


Panel 1:

Extreme wide shot of a van, parked on the street outside Boomerang’s apartment building. From the setting sun, we can see that at least a few hours have passed.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): For the last time, you aren’t getting paid at all.

Panel 2:

Inside the van, which is full of surveillance equipment, we see that it is occupied by MACH-VII (still in his armor) and the SHOCKER, in street clothes. Shocker holds up his shirt as Mach-VII tapes a microphone into place on his chest.

MACH-VII: Your testimony got you off the hook with Tower. Actionable intel on Boomerang will get you off the hook with me.

SHOCKER: This deal’s getting worse all the time.

Panel 3:

Wide shot of the pair. SHOCKER lowers his shirt and MACH-VII taps him on the chest, checking the sound in his headphones.

SHOCKER: Listen, Mach… VII, is it? I’m happy to be out of prison, I really am. But I can’t shake the feeling that you called in a lot of favors for this.

SOUND EFFECT: *tap tap*

SHOCKER: And at the risk of underpromising, Fred’s probably gonna throw me out on my ass in two minutes. Are you sure you’re not staking just a little too much on this?

Panel 4:

MACH-VII sits down at the console and turns his back to SHOCKER.

MACH-VII: Let me worry about what’s at stake, Shocker. You just worry about keeping your end of the bargain.

Panel 5: 

SHOCKER opens the van’s rear doors and steps out with a shrug.

SHOCKER: I’m gonna double bluff him.

MACH-VII: Fine, if that’s what works. Do whatever you have to, but get up there! Who knows what sensitive information you’re missing right now?


Panel 1:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, deep in thought.

BOOMERANG: Mmmmmmmmmmmmorbius the Living Vampire.


Panel 2:

Same close-up.

BOOMERANG: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnamor the Sub-Mariner.

BOOMERANG: Eh, not even a bad guy, really.

BOOMERANG: Ooooooooooooooooooooo–

Panel 3:

Wide shot of the whole apartment. SANDMAN sits in a chair fuming, while BIG WHEEL, on a stool over in the kitchen, seems about to nod off. The LIVING BRAIN has parked itself in a corner. ROCKET RACER, on the sofa, looks up from Fred’s copy of A Game of Thrones to gesture in frustration, but BOOMERANG raises a finger to shush his teammate.

ROCKET RACER: Fred, you’ve been at this for hours.

BOOMERANG: No, I mean it, it’s on the tip of my tongue!

BOOMERANG: Ooooooooooooptimus Prime. No.

Panel 4:

From across the room, SANDMAN shouts at BOOMERANG, jolting BIG WHEEL awake. Boomerang offers up a very defensive shrug.


BOOMERANG: Look, he was boring, okay?! Sue me for not memorizing his dumb life story.

BOOMERANG: I know he uses nanites. Who the hell makes nanites?

Panel 5:

Wide shot of the whole group. Now it’s SANDMAN’S turn to shrug. BOOMERANG crosses his arms defensively.

SANDMAN: Tinkerer?

ROCKET RACER: I mean, probably.

LIVING BRAIN: Whirr–clik-ick– Assessment: Phineas Mason is a good candidate.

BOOMERANG: Yeah, well… I would have gotten there with a few more guesses.

Panel 6:

Medium shot of BIG WHEEL, his hand on his chin.

BIG WHEEL: Mason’s not the type to accept IOUs. So I doubt he’s the one we’re after.

BIG WHEEL: But if anyone knows how to produce that kind of tech, they’d be on his radar.


Panel 1:

ROCKET RACER all but runs to the door.

ROCKET RACER: Then what are we waiting for? Time is money, people!

Panel 2: 

ROCKET RACER pulls the door open, revealing the SHOCKER on the other side, his fist raised as if just about to knock…

Panel 3:

… and immediately slams it shut again.

Panel 4:

Same framing. ROCKET RACER turns back to the rest of the team.


Panel 5:

Same framing. SANDMAN approaches the door, jostling ROCKET RACER out of the way.

Panel 6:

Same framing. SANDMAN opens the door, standing face to face with SHOCKER, who hasn’t moved.



Panel 7:

SHOCKER, viewed in profile, stands in the hallway, looking down at the SAND ARM that has just grabbed him by the shirt collar.

Panel 8:

Same framing. SHOCKER’S arms and legs are all that can be glimpsed as he is roughly yanked inside the apartment.


Panel 9:

Pure black.


Panel 1:

Medium shot of SHOCKER, duct taped to a chair. A (mostly) empty bag of potato chips is pulled off his head.


Panel 2:

Same framing. From SHOCKER’S eyeline, we can see that he is surveying the room.

SHOCKER: Oh, hello, Fred.


Panel 3:

Down in the surveillance vehicle, MACH-VII listens intently to Shocker on his headphones.

SHOCKER (OFF-PANEL): Living Brain.

LIVING BRAIN (OFF-PANEL): Whirr–click-ick– Greetings, Herman Schultz.

Panel 4:

The back of SHOCKER’S head fills the foreground as he turns his attention to ROCKET RACER and BIG WHEEL.

SHOCKER: Whoever you two are.


BOOMERANG: What are you doing here?

Panel 5:

BOOMERANG stands over SHOCKER, arms folded. Behind him, ROCKET RACER’S face contorts in confusion and BIG WHEEL moves to step forward. SANDMAN watches on with suspicion as, presumably, does the LIVING BRAIN.

SHOCKER: I can’t pay a visit to an old friend?

BOOMERANG: C’mon, Herman. Don’t piss in my Coke and tell me it’s Mountain Dew.


BIG WHEEL: I think what Fred means is… we don’t want to hurt you. But lies hurt everyone. Including yourself.


SHOCKER: Okay, Mr. Rogers.

Panel 6:

Back in the surveillance van. A close-up of Mach-VII’s handwritten notes. They read:

-Living Brain
-2 Unknown??
– Cpt. Amer

SHOCKER (OFF-PANEL): It’s not like the reason I’m here is a secret.

SHOCKER (OFF-PANEL): But I already know you’re not gonna believe me.

BOOMERANG (OFF PANEL): Give it a shot. I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff this week.


Panel 1:

Two-shot of SHOCKER and BOOMERANG, both in profile.

SHOCKER: I came to thank you.

BOOMERANG: Never mind, you were right. I don’t believe you.

SHOCKER: Listen. You remember Gino?

Panel 2:

Close-up of BOOMERANG.

BOOMERANG: What, that goon of yours who kidnapped the D.A.’s adopted refugee daughter, tried to make you kill me, and then volunteered you for suicide by cop?

BOOMERANG: Hard dude to forget.

Panel 3:

Medium shot of SHOCKER.

SHOCKER: Yeah. Well he’s an even harder dude to get rid of.

SHOCKER: But when you landed me in prison, it gave me the chance to strike a deal.

SHOCKER: I ratted him out for so much stuff. I’m talking racketeering, telemarketing fraud, like seven different counts of treason — with seven different countries, mind you…


Panel 4:

Wide shot of SHOCKER, centered in the frame. Despite his circumstances, he looks cheerful. He even spreads his hands as wide as he can, given that they’re bound to his torso.

SHOCKER: Bottom line, I got my parole status restored, and I’m back to working alone.

SHOCKER: Win-win!

Panel 5:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, pointing at Shocker with a raised eyebrow.

BOOMERANG: So, wait…

BOOMERANG: Does that mean you aren’t here to kill me over the fact that I gave up my life of crime and have instead chosen to use my abilities to fight the men and women I once considered friends?

Panel 6:

Two-shot of SHOCKER and BOOMERANG, the former suddenly exasperated and struggling against his restraints.

SHOCKER: Am I — ? NO, Fred!

BOOMERANG: But… the Code.

SHOCKER: How many times do we have to tell you? There IS no code! The only one who even cares about that kind of stuff is you!

Panel 7:

Medium shot of a perplexed BOOMERANG. Over his shoulder, SANDMAN leans into frame.


CAPTION: That’s a little disappointing.

SANDMAN: Fred, a word?


Panel 1:

SANDMAN and BOOMERANG step into Boomerang’s only-slightly-cleaner-than-you-might-expect bathroom. Sandman shuts the door behind them while Boomerang rambles away.

SANDMAN: This is getting ridiculous.

BOOMERANG: I know, right? Seven counts of treason? What’s even the plan there?

BOOMERANG: Best case scenario, you want to do it twice and then play the other two countries against each other, aaand I can tell now that that’s not what you’re talking about.

Panel 2:

Two-shot. BOOMERANG holds out his arms in a broad shrug. SANDMAN crosses his arms, unmoved.

BOOMERANG: Yes, of course Shocker’s up to something. But I mean…

BOOMERANG: It’s Shocker. Who cares?

SANDMAN: I care enough to know why we haven’t thrown him out the window yet.

Panel 3:

BOOMERANG grabs SANDMAN by the shoulders excitedly. Sandman looks uncomfortable.

BOOMERANG: Because everything’s coming up Boomerang! We’re most likely after some crime boss, right? Hammerhead owes Shocker a huge favor. He’s exactly what we need!

SANDMAN: An obvious traitor is exactly what we need?

BOOMERANG: Ah, we’ll just double bluff him.

Panel 4:

Close-up of BOOMERANG. He taps his two pointer fingers together coyly.

BOOMERANG: And also…

BOOMERANG: …between Big Wheel coming back, and Brainy, and now Herman…

Panel 5:

Close-up of SANDMAN as he puts together Boomerang’s meaning…

Panel 6:

… and nearly rolls his eyes out of his head.

SANDMAN: Oh my God.

Panel 6:

SANDMAN actively turns his back to BOOMERANG, but Boomerang energetically doubles down.

BOOMERANG: Six is a hard number to hit, Flint! I see an opportunity and I jump on it!


Panel 1:

Wide shot of the apartment’s main room. SHOCKER sits awkwardly in his chair beside ROCKET RACER and BIG WHEEL.

SHOCKER: So… who exactly are you two?

BIG WHEEL: Oh, how thoughtless of me. I’m —

Panel 2:

Another wide shot, from a new angle. ROCKET RACER slaps his hand over BIG WHEEL’s mouth, as BOOMERANG bursts out of the bathroom.

ROCKET RACER: No one you need to worry about.

ROCKET RACER: I know you and Fred have a history, but don’t think for a second that I’ll be trusting anything you have to —

BOOMERANG: Rocket Racer, Big Wheel, shut up.

Panel 3:

BOOMERANG stops in front of SHOCKER’S chair. Behind him, ROCKET RACER is facepalming hard.

BOOMERANG: Here’s the deal, Shocker: that thing from Parker Industries? It’s bad news, and now Overdrive’s got it.

BOOMERANG: Any ideas on where we could find him?

Panel 4:

Medium shot of an indignant SHOCKER.

SHOCKER: Overdrive? Gee, no.

SHOCKER: Last I saw of him, he was helping you bury me alive!

Panel 5:

BOOMERANG throws up his hands.

BOOMERANG: Come ON, man, I already told you that was Beetle’s —

Panel 6:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, a realization crossing his face.


Panel 7:

Medium shot. As SHOCKER flop sweats all over himself, BOOMERANG turns to the rest of the group.

SHOCKER: Beetle? Beetle who? I don’t know any Beetle. Does he even go by Beetle anymore?

BOOMERANG: Shocker, you’re a genius.

SHOCKER: Wait… I am?

BOOMERANG: Fellas, we’ve got another lead!


Splash Page:

Once again, BOOMERANG finds himself standing outside the door of an apartment — this time a much nicer one than Overdrive’s or Sandman’s. And yet, once again, Boomerang finds himself being threatened by that apartment’s resident. She is a light-skinned black woman with long dark hair, dressed in a white buttoned shirt and slacks. She stands in the open doorway, pointing an armed laser cannon straight at Boomerang’s chest.

That resident? JANICE LINCOLN, the latest BEETLE.

BEETLE: Hello, Boomerang.

CAPTION: On second thought, maybe I was too quick to take running away off the table.

CAPTION: Is Asgard still in Oklahoma?