Toybox: Resurrected from the Dead!

Let’s talk toys again!

I thought for sure that someone would take up the mantle of the Toybox once I was buried in a shitstorm of work for several months.  I didn’t trust myself to stay on task, and so removed the sweet temptation of The Avocado and deleted my Disqus account yet again.  Once I got my groove in my new job, realized that I had demands on me that forced me to prioritize my time during the work day, and that…just maybe…I could exercise self control, I re-joined the unwashed hordes of deviant weirdos that make up our lovely community.

The header image is the final creation of my classy display set-up.  All from Ikea, right down to the lighting, I crafted this thing for my birthday back in the summer (those heady days of excess) to hold my most prized or favourite items.  I have turned over most of my toy collection to the kids, but if it’s in the cabinet, it means hands-off!  I’m quite happy with it, though one day I hope to add a Hot Toys Darth Vader to the display.

Anyway, this serves as a great place to talk about action figures and toys, and since we are in the midst of the season of avarice and naked, merciless consumerism, have at it!  What are you giving as gifts for the holidays that are toy related?  What are you going to gift yourself?  What toys are you most looking forward to in the new year? What was your favourite toy that you received as a holiday present?

We have a lot of catching up to do, so bring on the toy talk.