The Craftocado: The Craftening

Hello, fellow crafters!

Welcome to the first installment of The Craftocado, a space for us crafty types to talk about… well… crafty things. Things you make. Things you’ve made in the past. Things you’ll make in the future. Things you wish you could make. Things you wish you didn’t make. You get the idea.

Editor’s Note: I am aware that we have the weekly Creative Endeavours thread. It seems a bit more attuned to more artistic things like writing and music and generalized pulling things out of your own brain and rendering them in your chosen medium. It says crafters are welcome, but a lot of what I make really isn’t creative per se. Sometimes I throw a little of my own design work into projects, but often I don’t. I’ve simply purchased or downloaded a kit or a pattern and followed the instructions. As such, I feel a little weird about going in there and posting whatever goofy little thing I crocheted or cross stitched last weekend amid posts about novels and orchestral compositions (seriously, y’all are amazing), even though I know I’d be welcome to. Crafting kind of has its own culture. This might all just be my in my own head, but here we are. And I am not going to draw any hard lines between art and craft. There’s a lot of grey area and blurring of lines between the two, and I’m not going to be the one to try to sort that out. All are welcome to post here, whether you’re a pattern follower, or a pattern maker. So we’ll give this a try. If it seems like this is inadvertently creating needless divisions within The Avocado, I will halt The Craftocado, and we can set up shop in the Creative Endeavours threads instead. But for now, onward!

Now down to business… This will be a… weekly? monthly? semi-monthly? feature. I’m not the fastest crafter, so week-to-week I might not have much to talk about. We’ll see how it goes. And if anyone wants to get in on posting Craftocado threads on Thursdays, you’re welcome to. We can set up a sign up sheet.

Whenever I think to, I’ll include a discussion topic, but for each installment of The Craftocado, the number one question will be the crafter’s siren call, the rallying cry that unites us all:

Whatcha makin’? What are you currently working on?

For this first week’s topic, let’s introduce ourselves.

  1. What sorts of crafts do you make? Do you glue things together? Sew things? Bead things? Paint things? Knit/crochet/weave things? Recycle/upcycle things?
  2. Why do you make them? For yourself? To sell? As gifts? Some combination of the above?
  3. How did you get started? Who taught you how to make things? How long have you been crafting?

Every civilized society needs rules of order. Here are ours:

  1. Be kind. If someone asks for genuine feedback on something they’ve made, be honest but keep your feedback constructive. We’re here to support each other’s efforts.

It’s a complex system of rules, I admit, but I’m sure you can all navigate your way through.

Crafting related news: NBC is casting season two of Making It, application deadline Jan. 16, 2019:


*That is not my crocheted avocado up top, I pilfered the image from a google search.