Werewolf 77 – Assassin’s Creed – Day 2

Post-Animus Report: 11/27/18
Subject S. Creacher has managed to convey certain observations on two ancestors believed to be possible Templars and holders of the Apple.

Quintulus Lentulus Bannerthiefiatus was a Roman patrician who, in his later years, moved to the court of Ptolemaic Egypt in service of Queen Cleopatra. There was some gossip about this ‘service’, but it was all baseless. Bannerthiefiatus and Cleopatra couldn’t even have twins without causing a lot of talk.

Unfortunately, all artifacts, documents and links to his legacy were stolen by the Venetian Assassins of the Thieves’ Guild, who believed him a Templar traitor, and further memory reconstruction is impossible.

Al-Hohoshin Possumus was a widely-feared, rarely-seen killer born in Damascus. Subject describes him as “the least clumsy man I ever saw”, “good at whispering at an appropriate volume”, and “not 22 possums stacked in a cloak”. In 1191, Templars used the Apple of Eden to drive him into a state of catatonic madness. Years later, he recovered and had a child with a stoat.

All memory of BannerThief has been erased. He is an Alexandrian Assassin.
Hoho has been driven mad by Templars. He is a Jerusalemite Assassin.

15 11 Assassins vs. 6 Templars

7 6 in Alexandria, 48 BC (4 3 Assassins, 3 Templars)

7 5 in Jerusalem, 1191 AD (5 3 Assassins, 2 Templars)

7 6 in Venice, 1481 AD (6 5 Assassins, 1 Templar)

1. Generations – Each player has two ancestors/descendants from the other generations. Descendants know the name of their closest ancestor, but not an ancestor two generations away. Ancestors do not know the names of their future descendants.

2. Assassination – Each day, the group votes on a daytime assassination target in the OT. If an ancestor is assassinated, their descendant or descendants will also cease to exist. Ties result in one of the top vote-getters being randomly chosen. To vote against assassinating anyone, vote ‘No Death’.

3. Templars – Templars share a QT. Using their Piece of Eden, Templars can drive one player mad per night. This removes only that player from the game, not their ancestors or descendants.

4. Alexandria (The Enforcers) – The Alexandria QT can investigate one of their descendants every night. Results will come back ‘Assassin’ or ‘Templar’.

5. Jerusalem (The Protectors) – The Jerusalem QT can protect/roleblock one of their ancestors or descendants every night.

6. Venice (The Thieves) – The Venice QT has the option to steal one of their ancestors’ legacies every night. This removes only that player from the game.

General Werewolf Rules
Quoting or screenshotting your QTs is forbidden. Reasonable paraphrasing is allowed. As a general guideline, please try to participate every game day with at least 3 game-related comments. Please do not edit or delete your comments for any reason.



  1. Grumproro
  2. MacCrocodile
  3. Candide
  4. Sister Jude
  5. Josephus Brown
  6. Goat
  7. BannerThiefAssassin


  1. Hayjay
  2. Lord Stoneheart
  3. Louie Blue
  4. HohoAssassin
  5. forget_it_jakeAssassin
  6. sic humor
  7. Owen1120


  1. Lamb Dance
  2. April
  3. IndyAssassin
  4. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
  5. Mayelbridwen
  6. dw
  7. Lindsay

Day 2 will end on Wednesday, 11/28, at 1PM EST.