The Creative Endeavors Thread Has Too Much On Its Plate

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I turned forty-four Sunday and it was impossible not to reflect on where I am in my life and how my creative work has affected both how I live and how I see my existence. I started drawing again more or less exactly three years ago—and painting two years after that—and it still feels like I have so much to learn. Thankfully I haven’t yet stopped seeing that as far more exciting than daunting, and I’m looking forward this winter to getting a better grip on what I want to do and how to do it.

The face of mild apathy

Started keeping an arts-focused journal, largely to collect ideas, experiences, and to some extent images which I can use in doing my work, did a bit of painting (it feels like I’m getting to the point where I’m just on the edge of frustrated doing the stuff I usually do, which hopefully portends a breakthrough), and had a walk around the Michigan campus and downtown Ann Arbor taking pictures of buildings that might serve as future painting or drawing studies.

A tale of two natural history museums: the Ruthven Museums Building on the right, and on the left the new Biological Sciences Building, which will house Michigan’s Natural History Museum starting next year

Still waiting on word for details about the art pop-up, and am in the meantime organizing some of my work (I never, ever suspected frames would become my primary extravagance) while getting ready for not only a busy social weekend (shows from bands including several different friends as well as my semi-annual pilgrimage to the DIA) but also flying to Wisconsin next week to see my mom. So less blather this week than usual, partly because I have so much on my mind (reflected in the header, which I did for Folktale Week, entitled Nocturnal Submission, which I just thought was a cool title but whose ambiguity is pretty entertaining in certain contexts).

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