Pod People 11.26.18

A discussion of all things podcast related from throughout the week.

Featured Podcast: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend – Will Ferrell

Conan made the rounds on a few podcasts this past week to promote his own show, which dropped last Monday, and the actual product is fantastic. Conan brings along his, long suffering assistant, Sona and the banter between them is a true treat. We also get some interplay with producer, and comedy goldmine, Matt Gourley. The main event is, obviously, Conan’s conversation with Will Ferrell which is delightful as the duo recount a year-long gag of Will wearing the same ridiculous western outfit on SNL or coming onto Late Night without Lorne’s permission. Conan shows that he is, among all other things, an excellent conversationalist.

What did you listen to this week?