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Autisticado Thread: Test Run

So, I’m gonna see if this is worth implementing as a regular site feature. This thread is a space for autistic Avocado commenters to discuss dealing with our neurology on a day-to-day basis, as well as questions of theory and terminology, relevant news stories, and anything else we feel like bringing up. It is also a space for allistic (non-autistic) Avocado commenters to ask questions and respectfully discuss autistic issues, IN REPLIES ONLY. Top-level comments are limited to autistic commenters, and I will ask the mods to delete any breaches of this rule. I want autistic people to lead this conversation, and I reserve the right to ask you to leave the thread (and flag you, but anyone can do that) if I feel you’re being disrespectful in any way. (For the purposes of the top-level comments rule, professional diagnosis is not a requirement, since not everyone has access to that. You just have to be comfortable openly identifying yourself as autistic.)

A note on terminology: I choose to use identity-first language (“autistic person”) rather than person-first (“person with autism”). I believe it helps to paint autism as an inherent part of our personhood, something inextricable from who we are, rather than a separate condition that exists on top of our identity. That said, I will not argue with any autistic people who choose to use different language.