Box Office: November 23-25

The Thanksgiving holiday is always a fun one as you can look at the box office in a couple of ways. The bulk of reporting tends to look at the numbers more at the three-day totals of the traditional weekend but there are also lots of crowing about the five-day totals that include folks like me that sneak out from family and enjoy some time in the theater.

This period saw Ralph Breaks the Internet take the top spot for the three-day with a $55.7 million take but an $84.5 million overall for the five-day. With an “A-” CinemaScore to it and pretty good critical consensus overall, it’s playing similar to the first but with more women going, making it an almost 50/50 split in terms of gender. The film also did well overseas with a $41.5 million take to bring its debut to the $126 million total.

Another new film this weekend was Creed II which netted a huge $55.8 million take for the five-day and had a $35 million three-day, which is ahead of the $39 million opening weekend for the first film. This one also saw some balancing in the gender dynamics with more women coming to see this one but also still skewing a bit older.

Not surprising is the debut of Robin Hood with its $100 million budget and a critical panning as it did $9.1 for the three-day and $14 for the five-day. It’s definitely not a good weekend for Lionsgate/Summit once again.

This weekend saw Green Book expanding from just under 30 screens to just over 1,000 where it did $5.4 million for the weekend with a $7.8 million total so far. The film got a strong “A+” CinemaScore rating and criticals are generally liking it but it’s going to take some strong word of mouth to really move it forward more.

The Crimes of Grindelwald ended up landing in fourth place where it did $29 million for the weekend with a $117 million take overall domestically since it debuted. It also added another $83 million overseas and has brought its worldwide take to just under $440 million so far.

As mentioned before, there’s not a lot coming out in a big way until December 14th so next week sees the debut of The Possession of Hannah Grace from Sony in 1,900 screens.