The Neverending Night Thread (11/24)

One of my favorite cinema moments comes from the Childlike Empress in the movie The Neverending Story. It’s toward the end.

Spoilers ahead, I guess.

Atreyu had to deliver a human child to the Empress. He thinks he failed, but the Empress tells him he succeeded. The human child had come along, even if he doesn’t see him.

In fact… he’s the one reading the story. Bastian has been following along with the adventures by reading the book in a creepy attic above his school by candlelight.

And he’s not the only one who’s traveling beyond the fourth wall.

Just as he is sharing all your adventures, others are sharing his. They were with him when he hid from the boys in the bookstore.

This ia when you realize the Childlike Empress is staring out of the screen… right at you.

That’s right, viewer. You too are a part of the Neverending Story.