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Animation Spotlight: Tiny Fuppets

Yes they will Kormit because i’m telling them all about you guys

See this as a filler episode I guess where I talk about about a internet series I like in a more freeform slighty shorter form. It’s also not a very good spotlight but I wanted to put something out so here it is.

Tiny Fuppets is uhm a thing….. Well no let’s be serious, Tiny Fuppets is a project by Scott Gairdner who you might remember from Moonbeam City. Wait you don’t remember Moonbeam City? Well I don’t really fault you for that but lets talk Moonbeam City for a while.

Moonbeam City ran for one season on comedy central in 2016 and was a interesting show. It was one of those lewd parody-cop shows that seem to turn up every couple years on tv but this time it was animated and that is by far the most interesting thing about it.

Based deeply in the 80’s neon stylings of Patrick Nagel(who did the cover for Duran Duran’s rio) it has a unique look to it that is gorgous even it’s a bit stilted. A-list voice cast also, Elizabeth Banks and Rob Lowe took the leads and allot of comedians show up in smal supporting bits. But the show never really got beyond the point of looking pretty

The problem was mostly the writing, driving hard on tired jokes about cops (shows) and sex it was a hard watch. It just felt very lazy and opted out for some pretty ugly looking shocking images at times. It didn’t look cheap to produce also so Comedy Central axed it out of it’s misery after one lukewarm reviewed season.

Tiny Fuppets is what for some reason lead to Gairdner getting to run a expensive Comedy Central show. It’s weird, while Fuppets are pretty hilarious according to me their quite a aquired taste of bad animation and surrual humour. The Fuppets are clearly ripoffs of the muppets babies and are full of deadpan humour and bad advice. Like throwing plastic into the sea, putting babies in the direct sun and their recent return has them promoting 4DX.

Tiny Fuppets didn’t come out nowehere even it kinda seems like it’s just a simple lewd parody on the muppet babies. It’s more a parody of those extremely low-rent mostly Brazalian pixar rip-offs that used to hit the dvd market like Ratatoing. Horrid CGI animated 50 minute movies that made bad jokes that weren’t very suitable for kids.

This explains maybe a bit the story in the shorts outside the animated parts. Gairdner hired a actor to play the ‘Portuguese animation legend Arturo Lima’ who made a response video to tiny fuppets being called a Muppets rip-off and other rip-off of a rip-off junior minis(also created by Gairdner) who are this surrual take on the fuppets. It is also strangly true to the real world because the rip-off pixar companies had other rip-off companies making rip-offs of their rip-offs. Loads of rip-off’s going all around. It’s hilarious in it’s low-rent nature and captures the bizareness of the fuppets perfectly.

Tiny Fuppet shorts just kinda show up in series. The orginal ones debuted back in 2011, two episodes followed in 2012 and then came the recent ‘4dx’ themed reboot and a halloween episode which got this amazing ‘bad cover’ of bad to the bone in high school Spanish. hear it to believe it


The only storyline the series seems to keep is that the Fuppets are very small and making loveable fun of the Muppets. Kormit and Ms. Woman are dating and Animanuel, the group’s animal, isn’t as wild as his muppets counterpart but just a bit scared of everything. Also poor Tommi(Fozzie) who as a running gag gets the worse end of the stick of everything. He gets to drag the ‘candy-cart’ during Halloween and in the recent 4DX adventures he is not included because he was rendered in poisonous bytes.

Mostly Tiny Fuppets is just a silly bunch of shorts full of surrual humour and way to catchy song. Also deadpan Spanish, loads of deadpan Spanish talking which only adds to the fun of it all. They might not be everyone’s taste but I find it to be a hilarious bit of internet weirdness.

I hope you guys had fun reading this small bit I kinda threw together to get me more in a writing mood again. Lets go out on the best Fuppets short that is all about being ‘big’, a completely orginal idea.

Scott Gairdner is now co-hosting the tremedous Podcast the Ride give that a listen also if you even have a slight interest in theme parks.