This Wednesday Political Post is Gearing up for Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving, it’s actually my favorite holiday.  I thought I would collect some articles to help prepare you Avocados for the holiday:)

  1.  Most people pretend to know more about history than they actually do know.  So if you have been pretending all these years to know the history of Thanksgiving, click on this link:  History of Thanksgiving
  2. I am lucky to come from an entire family of Democrats (our entitlements pay for Thanksgiving, that was a joke).  If you aren’t lucky or have shady relatives, click on this link: Ten Ways to Keep Family Members From Ruining Your Holidays
  3. Every year I sign up for Thanksgiving spin class and read about the healthiest foods to eat and then make up for it with all day cocktails…how much is too much to drink on Thanksgiving…whatever the chart says…a breakdown of healthy and not healthy Thanksgiving foods Click here: Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods
  4.  My family watches sports all day on Thanksgiving, I highly recommend it.  It cuts down on people talking to you.  We even run different sporting events in different rooms.  If you too want to talk to your relatives less, click here: Sports Schedule
  5. If you aren’t hosting Thanksgiving, congratulations…this is pretty much the Thanksgiving Dream…to show up and not have to do anything and if you can get your SO to be the designated driver…even better…but being a guest and showing empty handed is effing rude, so…if you need some guest guidance, click here:  17 Host Gifts to Bring to Allllllll the Holiday Parties
  6. If you are going to a potluck and were too dumb to sign up for plates, forks, rolls or cups, click here: 10 last minute thanksgiving side dishes

Welcome to Wednesday!!!!