The Contras: Stuffing It In

Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday when it comes to its portrayal in popular culture.  Sandwiched between the more cinematic Halloween and Christmas there are almost no movies in which Thanksgiving is central, although scenes might take place during the holiday, in music Adam Sandler single-handedly doubled the number of Thanksgiving songs, depending on your classification of Alice’s Restaurant;  and TV – well let’s talk about TV.

Most long-running TV shows feel the need to have a “Halloween” and a “Christmas” episode every year; even if it’s something as silly as having Detective Grumpy Pants wear a Santa hat and pass out presents to underprivileged children in some tacked on end scene.  But because Thanksgiving doesn’t necessitate an annual episode, with a few exceptions like Friends and Bob’s Burgers, when there is a Thanksgiving episode it’s usually very, very good.  Arguably the best ever episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati and Cheers were Thanksgiving episodes.  So let’s give Thanksgiving its due – what are your favorite Thanksgiving TV episodes, movie scenes (or whole movies if there is such a thing) and are there any songs I have forgotten?  Over the River.. was the one that I had Sandler doubling in the above example.

And very happy Thanksgiving everyone.