Werewolf 77 Signups: Assassin’s Creed

H-hello? Can anyone hear me?

My name is Sara Creacher. I was born in 19 – 13 – 327 – for fuck’s sake. I was born in 1992. Last month I was offered an HR job at Abstergo Industries, which paid too well to turn down.

Because, as it turns out, I’m one of seven living people on Earth descended from the offspring of both Assassins and Templars. As it’s been explained to me, they’re these two orders that have been at war since before they had names, or history, or books, so they don’t often tend to mingle in the sexy way.

Abstergo… it’s a front company for the Templars. “What the fuck are you talking about, Abstergo makes the kind of detergent you can get at 7-11,” is what you’re probably thinking if you’re like me.

They found all seven of us… lured us here… strapped us into this horrible machine. The techs told them we couldn’t handle sharing memories, or remembering so much at once, but they were in a hurry.

The machine lets you relive your ancestors’ memories. Makes you relive. All seven of us have been reliving, looking for some goddamn artifact. It changed hands between the Templars and the Assassins a hundred times through history, so having people with ancestral memories of both is quite efficient.

I’m the only one who’s retained some shred of sanity during the project, so I’m the one who’s talking to you.

You’re about to be these people, too. Our ancestors. I need you to figure out where the Templars took the artifact. All I truly know about the Assassins is they’ve dedicated their lives to stopping the Templars, but now that I know the Templars…

Good luck to the world for as long as they have it, I guess.


15 Assassins (town) vs. 6 Templars (wolves)


This game is split into 3 generations of 7 players: Ancient Egypt, the Middle East during the Third Crusade, and Renaissance Italy. All interacting thanks to the magic of Animus time travel mumbo-jumbo!
I’ve posted a signup with more detail in the comments, for anyone who wants to pick their setting. (These generation teams will not be hidden, so no worry about picking one here.)
This is a little bit of a tricky game, with each generation having its own powers and drawbacks. I won’t reveal those here, so y’all can feel free to pick a setting without worrying about mechanics. But once the game starts, the rules will be transparent, and no one needs to talk about pizza or breag.
1. Lamb Dance
2. Grumproro
3. April
4. MacCrocodile
5. Indy
6. Hayjay
7. Candide
8. Sister Jude
9. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
10. Lord Stoneheart
11. Louie Blue
12. Josephus Brown
13. Goat
14. Hoho
15. Mayelbridwen
16. dw
17. forget_it_jake
18. Lindsay
19. sic humor
20. Banner Thief
21. Owen1120
1. Hayes Code
2. Dr. Nick
3. subsaharan
The game will start on Saturday. Day 1 will run as a long weekend. (If this isn’t flexible enough for people because Thanksgiving, let me know.)