The Night Thread Gets Trivial

Did you know that the Avocado has our very own trivia tournament? It’s true! We do! It’s been running daily for about a year now*, with a devoted but slowly-shrinking field of players. Do you want to prove, as you’ve long suspected, that you’re smarter than everyone else? Do you want to see your name in the Hall of Fame and collect FunTrivia bucks that do something probably? Do you want to get really annoyed with all the damn Shakespeare questions in the literature category every Wednesday, like there are other authors, FunTrivia, god? Then join us every day in the Avocado Trivia Tournament!

Also, feel free to suggest custom topics below (tag me using @forget_it_jake:disqus if you do so, so I’ll be sure to see it). Or, if you know of a host site that might better suit our needs than FunTrivia (which has no mechanism for adding new questions, so repetition is an issue), tag me on that as well.

*Accuracy of this statement not guaranteed.

Have a great night, everyone!