Comic Book Review – Iceman #3

Written by Sina Grace

Art by Nathan Stockman

Recap – “Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, has a lot going on. From teaching young mutants at the Xavier Institute to getting into the world of dating after years in the closet, Bobby is doing his best to have it all… but it’s never easy! After stopping a violent hate group attempting to massacre the mutant Morlocks, Iceman hit the road with Emma Frost to assist her with mutant family drama in Boston. Meanwhile, the evil Mister Sinister – who has become obsessed with Iceman’s newfound control and versatility of his abilities – has kidnapped the Morlock known as Ash, turning him into a mutant fighting monster! But that will have to wait, because Bobby got a match on a dating app!”

This issue opens with Bobby and his date, Carlos attending the Street Cart named Desire Festival. (hahaha). Meanwhile, also at the festival is Peter and Mary Jane. Bobby and Carlos are walking around, trying the different delicacies, when they run into Angelica Jones and her date, Dirk.

Bobby and Carlos steal away by themselves and Bobby is telling Carlos about the Drake Family. Mr. and Mrs. Drake are on a cruise and their long stagnant marriage has been recently rekindled. Carlos is thrilled about this, which leads him to kiss Bobby.

Their romantic moment is derailed by a car thrown into a bunch of food trucks. Bobby turns into Iceman and discovers an enormous ice monster attacking the crowd. Firestar soon joins the fracas. Carlos is trying to take photos of the melee and is about to be hurt, until Spider-Man webs him to safety at the last possible moment.

The three heroes give chase after the enormous monster and Iceman notices there is a device near the mouth of the gigantic beast. Firestar and Iceman distract the monster long enough to have Spider-Man rip the device free of the monster’s mouth. The monster quickly dissolves and it’s revealed to be Ash. Ash is taken away by the police, as Iceman pleads the young man’s case, which proves fruitless.

Firestar, Iceman, and Spider-Man catch their breath after the fight. Firestar is dumped by Dirk via text for her running off during the middle of their date. Bobby tells his friends he will be dumping Carlos because he was in the middle of harm’s way for the sole purpose of trying to get selfies in the middle of the superhuman fight. Spider-Man expounds the difficulties of being a superhero and looking for love, but it is possible, citing him and Mary Jane as an example.

As the three friends depart, Iceman heads to the Morlock tunnels to talk to Madin, Ash’s brother. Bobby tells Madin that Mister Sinister was involved in the kidnaping of Ash. Bobby will do whatever it takes to help save Ash. Madin scoffs at Bobby, telling him that no one cares about the Morlocks and Ash will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. Bobby swears to Madin he will do whatever it takes to free Ash, including breaking Ash out of jail!

After two solid issues of balls to the wall action, issue 3 is a fun, lighthearted story reuniting Iceman with his Amazing Friends, Firestar and Spider-Man. It’s always nice to see super heroes have normal everyday problems like your typical average joe (and jane). Next issue will feature a prison break; will Bobby have some help trying to spring Ash from the local jailhouse? It might not be as simple as he thinks especially if Ash is kept at one of the supermax prisons in the Marvel Universe like the Raft. Will Kitty try to stop Iceman from his plan? Will Iceman end up behind bars himself or on the lam as public enemy number one? We will find out next month.